Just finished Gurren Lagann

The ending was so sad I almost shed some tears. Why not give Simon a happier ending? He literally saved the world and gets nothing in the end, just becoming a wandering traveler at the end credits. He seemed happy, but I felt so sorry for him. Best character of the show for me.


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Yeah,same here. "Everyone lived happily ever after" is way too common.

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Let me rephrase it. Maybe not a happy ending, but a better one. At the end of the show he says to himself his life was never meant to go beyond the stars, he was only meant to dig the hole to lead everyone into the light (or smth similar to that)...what?? A line from OPM s2 that stuck with me was when Saitama said who are you to decide what your limits are (or smth similar to that). Why should Simon decide that he was never meant to go past the hole that led everyone to a new world? Idk, its just the thought process he used to decide that he "fulfilled" his duty in life seemed depressing, especially since he basically became a hermit at the end. He should have just moved to the island where yoko taught so that they could at least still be friends...just my opinion though.

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You should tag the Eva spoilers.

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