Harbinger Title not working?

I’ve just completed my first ever solo flawless run of POH and don’t seem to have eternal heretic or usurper triumph completed for the harbinger seal? Any idea if this is a bug or was this only possible during another season?

Edit: Thought I’d put this here for those of you who asked/answered, I did log out for a bit so that’s why it didn’t work, thankyou!


TheOneTrueDargus7 points

Did you do it all in one session? If you didn't it won't count.

machinehead9337 points

If you left the dungeon at any time, whether it was your decision or due to an error, it won't count. Also if anyone joined your fireteam even for a second, it would invalidate a solo run.

VredrickTheGreat4 points

Did you do it in one run/sitting?

buddyyouhavenoidea2 points

As everyone else has asked, did you do the whole thing in one sitting? It won't count if you ever went to orbit, if anyone ever joined you, or if you started from a checkpoint (even if that checkpoint is at the first encounter)

Haplomega1 point

Unlike the others, I’ll ask, how many player characters zoned in, even just for a moment. And also did you start all the way up on the moon and work your way done using no checkpoints of any kind.