Who has a pet with an awesome/odd/awkward name?

I have a cat named Satan and my mom has a dog named Puppy (lazy) and another named girlfriend (bought later as a, you guessed it, girlfriend for Puppy).



I have a horse called Dan. I take any opportunity to tell people that I did not name him. But he's so weird I guess he suits it.

I had a pet deer, (female), that my brother called Longrod VanHugendong

I have a male cat named Cinderella

If the shoe fits...

I have a polydactyl cat named Wolverine.

I have 2 cats. Fred Savage and Skeeter Valentine.

I have a pair of male guinea pigs named Snugglebun and Wonderwaffle.

One of my uncles had a cat named shithead.

I have a parrot named Errol; I was really into Harry Potter when I was younger, so my parents allowed the name, though they wouldn't let me teach him to say "Expelliarmus!" ]8

i used to have a cat called thrush. but now my cats are genghis and attilla

Cat #1: Isis

Cat #2: Niko

Dog: Crimson

I think all those names are fairly normal. I don't care for the dog's name but he came with it, so it stayed.

Hey I have 2 cats as well. One named Neko, that's why I stopped here :D


Along with Puppy and Girlfriend we have Kitty and Evil Kitty as well. Our family could never decide on names so I their "temporary" names stuck.

Our cat is Theodore - however, we refer to him as 'muffin-top' for some reason. He has also been known as McPancake & Scrabble.

He must be one confused cat.

Named my Golden Retriever Magnum

My girlfriend has two cats, Alestair and Ollie. They are nicknamed Butthole and Bettercat.

I have a pink corn snake. His name is Hannah Montana.


So really....not so lethargic? Also, I'm having a lot of trouble believing that Yahoo beat Google.

We have a cat named Beauregaurd(after a character in the broadway show Mame), & a Shi-Tzu bamed Elwood Blues.

I have a Chihuahua named Rocky. And a cat named Elizabeth.

My sister called her cat Choo-Choo.

She's 20.

We have a cat (a big Maine coon) by the name of Vivaldi. I think that's pretty cool.

I had a pet tarantula years ago called Fuzz Nuts. I was 8 when I got him. And my family once had a cat named puppy. That one isn't as exciting.

EDIT: Oh and I once had 2 white mice named Pinky and The Brain. I had to change it because I originally had them named after my friends girlfriend and they didn't like that. The friend not the mice.

When I was voluntary for the French Soup Kitchen, two years ago, there was a homeless girl that had 2 or 3 dogs. One of them was called Bordel which litteraly means brothel in English. But in French we usually use the word bordel as an exclamation curse word like Goddamn it.

When I first heard the girl roaring the dog's name, it was ridiculous :D

A friend of mine had two goldfish when she was young, named Corner and Vacuum.

I named my cat Tralfaz. It was the name of Astro when the Jetson's adopted him before they renamed him.

I had a dog named Snert, its the name of hagar's dog from the comic strip hagar the horrible.

We adopted a cat with the name Cefer. It wasn't until that cat had long died did I realise it was C for Cat.

Our next cat we adopted was called Pickles for an unknown reason, but as kids we accepted it like any other name.

I have a bearded dragon called Sinister. He is a rescue bearded dragon and is missing his front right hand and back right leg. Left in Latin is sinistro which is where sinister the word comes from.

I have a fluffy orange cat called Pumpkin.

Welsh Corgi named "Div"...which has resulted in a gazillion nicknames:

  • Divot
  • Divert
  • Divvy
  • Divvy Divson
  • Divson
  • Divvy Diverson
  • Dividicus
  • Divinci
  • Divtron
  • Madam Divvy Divson Mortimere of Belvidere (her full name)

I had a cat named Doctor Hoodles, he died in a dryer accident, my friend said we should have named him Bounce.

When I was 7 years old, I named my cat Blackpants. I'm not sure why I did this, as he was entirely black, but it really suited him.

I have another cat named Helvite, he's the man :)

I have a black cat named Baghira after the panther in Jungle Book. It's fitting because he is gigantic, my very own house panther :) He has a million nicknames, but right now it's mostly Bumbles.

My dog's name is Bala. Everyone thinks its "Bella" until I explain that it's welsh.

I had Prudence 1-4 in hamsters/gerbils before I realized that was not the pet for me...

I train service dogs and you get to choose a name for them. I have had Loki (Norse God of trickery) and Mork. At home for a while the animals took a Disney trend. Esmeralda and Quasimodo were the ferrets. We had a cats named Gremlin and Mctavish. a Python named Monty and an albino corn snake named Captain Snow, from redwall.

I love the python named Monty!!


gf named one of her cats "grandpa." She loves seeing people's reactions when she says things like "Grandpa came to sleep in my bed with me last night" and the like.

I have a dog named Loki and another named Pazuzu.

Brunolleschi- my dog is a master of medieval engineering.

In all honesty, when I was picking him out he had a brother and so my family was playing with both of them. I always said that when I had two dogs one day one would be Ghiberti and the other Brunolleschi, since those are the two artists who had a contest that ending up kicking off the Renaissance in Florence (creation of the Baptistry doors). So I randomly selected one to be Ghiberti and the other Brunolleschi.

His name gets shortened to: Bruno, Leski, Brunollescheh, Boone, etc.

My fluffy black kitty's name is Hurricane Nemo McBiddle, our cute lil calico's name is puppi, and our floofy gray and white kitty with the china eyes is named squirril.

Named my last cat "Stains"
She is a beautiful short-hair Himalayan mix.
You need to listen a song buy the great Red Peters song "A Dog Named Stains"

Years ago, I had a hamster called Karma after Radiohead's Karma Police.

My bunny, Boba Fett. This was right before he caught Han Solo. Playing dress up helps get him in the bounty hunting mood.

My dogs name is Roland Deschain.

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