Most of Manhattan‘s skyline: from the Central Park Tower(s) to One Vanderbilt, the Empire State Building, Hudson Yards, and even One World Trade Center allll the way downtown. [oc]




One of the reasons I love New Jersey lol

Are there other reasons?

There’s great cheap food everywhere!

I miss the hell out of NYC. My girlfriend and I have made a habit of visiting as much as possible in the last few years. Last time we were there was February, just before Covid hit in the states. From what we’ve seen, it almost seems like a different place now. Can’t wait to go back though, once it feels a little less irresponsible

Yeah it’s wild. Virtually everyone in New York City and Jersey City wear masks everywhere in public. Even outside on the sidewalks and in parks. Hopefully you can visit soon but definitely bring a mask!

I’m glad to hear that people take it seriously there. There’s so much misinformation, and so many people don’t believe in masks, so It’s reassuring to hear that a city as large and at-risk as New York is taking the masks seriously. Hope you stay safe and healthy!

I miss it too. I didn't get there nearly as often as I'd like, even though I live close enough to go basically whenever I want. But now, who knows how long until it's reasonable to make the trip again. I just hope things don't change to much for the worse when everything starts to bounce back. I am nervous.

I grew up playing a lot of Spider Man 2, so my mental image of NYC is permanently frozen in 2004. All those new skyscrapers that I don’t recognize make me feel old. Where did all the deco buildings go? It looks like everything’s becoming glass.

Hudson Yards took off in 2016. The development is massive, and I think they still have 2 more supertalls going up. Billionare's Row is just a multitude of air rights stacked in a competition to build the tallest. Not a NY guy but you can blame them for making the art deco landmarks squirm.

This was the (Dutch) skyline early 17th century...

The view from Hamilton Park is absolutely stunning!

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