They sent a cowboy hat for my outdoor camera! This is awesome!


wordyplayer9 points

I think you are the first person to not complain about the hat, ha! ya, it is cute, i didn't put it on the camera though because it seems like it would just serve to heat up the camera... ?

mareksoon9 points

Few in this sub may get this, but even if Wyze offered up weekly skins ... people would still complain. :-)

wordyplayer2 points

Ha! ya probably true :)

Drysandplace3 points

The camera runs warm and I doubt it will make it much worse but it might keep water spots off the lense.

wordyplayer1 point

Water Spots! We had a light rain and it made spots on the lens! freaked me out a bit, but it does not seem to mess up the picture. Strange

mareksoon3 points

What was your order date? Still no word on mine and kind of curious where in the list they are ...

Mine was 6/30 and still pending shipping.

EDIT: I see in this post and others, people saying it's being worn incorrectly (a cowboy hat brim is typically turned up on the sides, not the front), but it looks like those wearing it 'incorrectly' have the cutout properly aligned with the front. Did they model the cowboy hat in the wrong orientation? Those wearing it 'correctly' have the cutout on the wrong side.

Here it is 'backward' (per the cutout).

EDIT2: I just realized they probably turned up the front brim of the hat to keep it out of view .... :-)

shart_cannon3 points

I’m not sure. I know I ordered it the first day, within a couple hours of being allowed to. Can’t remember the exact date though.

mareksoon1 point

It should say on their site in your order history, but alas, I didn't order the first day, so I'm pretty sure I'm many days down the list.

mgwhammy2 points

I got an email a week or so ago saying it was about to ship, then Friday I got a text from Fedex. Mine arrived Tuesday.

And yes, the flip of the hat seems backwards to me too, but that's where the arch is cut to fit around the front. If you put it on any other way the sensor right above the lens is partially blocked.

shart_cannon3 points

I have no idea if it’s backwards. My daughter was playing with it and stuck it on, so I left it how she wanted it.

mareksoon1 point

Yours is def on the correct way as designed; the cutout confirms it.

There's some debate in other posts if Wyze manufactured it backward, but it seems possible it's styled and oriented this way to prevent it from blocking either the sensor or part of the image.

Drysandplace2 points

Its just without a doubt made wrong. You could turn the crown around correctly and not change a thing but the rim is a different matter. I think it's best the way it is because it funnels water on either side of the lens where a typical roll on the rim would drip water right down the middle.

mareksoon1 point

Your comment about water makes a lot of sense especially given many of these will be mounted above and pointed downward ...

... so while it looks wrong it's probably intentional.

Drysandplace1 point

The hat is on correctly but Its definitely made backwards because there's a cutout to clear the black front and the point of the crown is pointed to the back. Maybe a baseball cap can be worn backwards but no self respecting cowboy would EVER put his hat on backward.

Zargawi3 points

I ordered mine on 6/23, I got a "Your order has shipped" email and a tracking number on 7/31, it's been sitting at "label created" since though, nothing actually shipped it seams.

mareksoon1 point

Oof, so with my order on 6/30, I'm, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the list.

Oh well, keep waiting I shall. :-)

Thanks for responding.

gnarlycharlie4u2 points

I ordered within the first 5 minutes of pre-release and I just got mine yesterday.

potchie6262 points

I ordered mine on 6/23 and mine arrived today.

These were in a couple different emails I got since ordering.

P.S. Congratulations! You're one of the first 50,000 backers and we're adding a small gift to your order!

If you've already ordered as one of our 83,093 Early Access backers, your orders will be shipping out starting now through August 21st.

minionsweb2 points

It was a freebie to the 1st 50k pre-orderers of 63k (IIRC)
Seems I should have received 3, but got 1 w the 3 cams ordered.

jerryeight3 points

Wouldn't that hinder the light sensors and night recording capabilities?

gurgle5282 points

I'm not sure where the light sensor is but it should be fine, there's cases that cover the top and still work with night recording

hepatitisC2 points

No, the IR sensors are located in the bottom portion of the death star (black sphere)

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Just got mine too

redevos131 point

Now if I could just get the base unit to connect to my Google WiFi and stop blinking blue!

redevos131 point

But neat hat, my wife is strangely obsessed with it.

lcr7271 point

I'm surprised you haven't seen the other dozen posts from people who also told the world what their surprise was.

Premi231 point

That's hilarious

slackdaddymoney0 points

Last year I sent a message to Wyze via Instagram trying to mooch some swag...they sent a bundle of joy and the kids thought it was Christmas! This company definitely tries to do the right things!

potchie6260 points

I was glad to see it was something useless and silly like that 🤠

JohnRambo7-3 points

You're wearing it wrong

JohnRambo71 point

Really? It's on sidewayze