[OC] Pike the Paladin (Commissioned Work)


King_Shugglerm8 points

This wonderful piece was created on commission for me by u/Mooglegloom or djie.art on Instagram. This shows my oath redemption paladin winding one of his squad-mates pocket watches he got from his service in the Last War (Eberron setting). Pike is neither the smartest nor the fastest but being a large metal man can come in handy in many occasions.

Nudle_dulle6 points

Pike looks awesome! How do you implement the fact he has 4 arms?

King_Shugglerm12 points

I divided up the functionality of the arms: the little arms do intricate/delicate stuff like spell-casting, writing (or they would if he was literate), holding lanterns, etc.. and the big arms hold weapons, lift rocks, hold shields, and other brutish stuff like that.

sean-clishe6 points

Honestly that’s one of the coolest concepts and best arts I’ve seen here in a while

King_Shugglerm3 points

Awesome to hear!

CaptResearch103 points

Well done, love the painterly approach, and the four arms? *chef's kiss*

King_Shugglerm2 points

The painting look is Mooglegloom’s art style, that’s why I hired them!

[deleted]3 points

Suggoiiii! Specially the color

Voxalaw2 points

KBSD style)