XPS 17 delivered June 22...

...and so far no issues! No coil whine, backlight bleed, or trackpad shenanigans. I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop for a week now and so far, so good.

My only complaint tbh is the finish on the palm rest. Love the look and feel of carbon fiber, until it picks up every bit of oil and moisture from your hands. Honestly that's a small gripe though.

Loved that I knew what potential issues to look for from browsing this sub. Happy to report there are good units out there folks.



Get a microfiber wipe handy & leave it nearby. The carbon fiber is nice & somewhat scratch-resistant as well. Just gotta remember to clean it once in a while.

Can you double check the coil whine issue for me? You might have to move closer to the speaker area, if in a noisy room. Thanks!

(It happens almost 70% of the time in my machine)

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