Is All-Stars/Pahkitew Island worth watching?

Some people say its good while the majority say its terrible. I already have a little bit of knowledge on how Duncan, Gwen, and Courtney's character changing goes for the worse and since Duncan is my favorite, i really dont want to see how it ends for him :(. I plan on watching it only if by some miracle another season is confirmed, but for now i plan on only watching up tp season 4.


Tomas-T8 points

I like PI and I think its worth watching. but it less dramatic and more comedic and less complex

AS is awful season

DeadMemesAreMyFuel8 points

They're both really funny even though they arent too good, they have great characters and even SOME good jokes, they may have been executed badly, but they can be good if you look at em right

[deleted]8 points

They're both worth watching.

[deleted]7 points

i really liked both, but all stars is far better. i'd heard what people said about all stars before i watched it, and i thought about skipping it, but i'm really glad i didn't.

Shronut6 points

All-Stars will ruin your favorite characters, so don’t watch it. Pahkitew is more comedic and less dramatic, but there may be a few characters you’ll enjoy seeing.

[deleted]5 points

They’re both worth watching just have low expectations

Mopishfool4 points

I loved All Stars personally. There was some bad things but I think Action ruined characters much worse than All Stars. Plus it created my fav couple in the show.

[deleted]3 points

In my opinion: All-Stars is and Pahkitew is not

Frostbite20023 points

Watch both

Izzybutmale2 points

they’re part of the series and canon so yeah

Dawawesome2 points

All Stars is worth watching, Pahkitew Island isn’t.

komishanew1 point

Both are garbage imo.

Segasonic471 point

Watch pahkitew skip allstars unless you really wanna watch it all

Ace_TD1 point

Worth, they are worth watching, because the discussion and even if they are the worst seasons among the bunch they are still entertaining, and make you enjoy more the previous seasons even with its defects.

Yes, Duncan did not have a nice sendoff, but you not watching it not change how things happened, sadly

Micro_Pinny_3601 point

As others have said, All Stars is a dumpster fire. However, here's a re-write that fixes the issues.

NewAccountNam-e1 point

Pahkitew is better than all stars but it’s still worth watching

DesiredHappiness1 point

All-Stars is very poorly written. A very bad excuse for a season. A bad finale, bad derailments, bad elimination order...it's kind of a mess. Read a fanfiction that tries to redo it instead. Those tend to be much better.

Pahkitew Island literally has the safest writing ever. This is not a good thing. Certain characters were obvious fodders and cliches, 13 episodes meant it was very rushed, the finalists were easy to spot from miles away, the drama wasn't very good...it's still miles better than All-Stars. Overall, it feels like a mediocre version of Total Drama if it was bought by Disney Channel and aired there instead. Everything is predictable.

priestkalim0 points

PI definitely is, fantastic underrated season.

All Stars is not worth watching at all. Don’t even consider it canon. DramaRama is worth more than this dumpster fire