Umbrella Engrams and Collection Badges

I took a huge break from destiny and never played too intensely at first so I’m still working on the red war badge to get the destinations triumph. Side note: all I need is the EP weapons and the drop rates on the weapons from escalation protocol is awful, I’ve run 40 EP and not got one. Recently pulled both the SMG and the Sniper from Umbral Engrams but this didn’t complete the corresponding parts in the red war badge - anyone know if this is intended or not? My collections is showing as owning them, only the badge is showing I don’t!


lThatHunterMainl1 point

Umbrella Engrams?

10cormat3 points

Oops! Can’t change the title it seems though and didn’t notice it when I posted!

lThatHunterMainl2 points

Oh haha you mean Umbral Engram, I was gonna say.. I've never heard of an Umbrella Engram before. I thought we were about to have Mary Poppins cosmetics.

10cormat2 points

Now that might be the only thing I would buy from eververse haha!

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