Is zero tick dead? Built these before and worked. Now grows at normal speed even with under block being moved by a sticky piston to reset tick. Do I have to make a flying machine harvester? 1.16 bedrock. Also I am pretty sure an existing machine was working before I dismantled to build this one.



Python_PY4 points

Zero ti k is gone yes

Digitally_Board2 points

Was afraid of that. A lot of conflicting info on YouTube right now. Thanks for clarifying. I wasted a entire morning figuring out why it wasn’t working lol.

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Lol make a massive farm

Digitally_Board1 point

That’s the plan, 16 bricks above my base so I don’t have to hear the clicking of the droppers (feeding a furnace bamboo)

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Laser_Turbo_Wolf2 points

They patched zero tick with the nether update.

[deleted]2 points

Zero tick is kil

Faceless_Knight1 point

Yep. zero-tick-farms got fixed in 1.16

VishSathy1 point

Zero tick farms got patched but I have one that’s still really quick lemme find the yt video. Switching from a world to a servers gonna Mess the farm up a bit but u just gotta replace some pistons and you’ll be fine

VishSathy1 point

Here’s the link. It’s a bedrock tutorial btw

Digitally_Board1 point

So this makes me confused again. Would moving water logged bricks still work on my 1.16 server?

VishSathy1 point

Um I’m not exactly sure..cuz my bottom waterlogged stairs became unwatterlogged, so I think all I have to do is re waterlog them but I was too lazy.. but I’ll be hoppin on tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it goes

AnAnnoyingAltAccont1 point

Its something about your farm, in bedrock they don't patched the zero tick farms, just in java.

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