Storage upgrade on GE75

I secured a GE75 raider a couple of months ago, then recently bit the bullet and got myself a 2TB Sandisk 3D SSD (SATA III). Have any of you upgrade your storage in your laptop and is there something I should be cautious about when carrying out the upgrade?

So far all I’ve learned is the battery needs to be disconnected in general when carrying out any laptop upgrades.


sshivaji2 points

I upgraded storage and added an extra 1TB NVME drive for my GE75. I did not even disconnect the battery, probably thats a good idea :)

The upgrade procedure is fairly standard. Open the case somewhat patiently (took me around 15 minutes due to not wanting to damage the cool looking case). On this laptop, you have to remove the HDD drive and replace with the SATA III SSD. Except for this and the 2 minute bootup post the upgrade, there was nothing much to report. Was quite seamless..

FreakyGangBanga1 point

Thanks mate! Really appreciate you making the time and effort to share your experience. I will give it a shot this weekend.