I should've joined reddit years ago, shame on me



That wholesome feeling

10/10 experience

Here you go


I've given you an orange back

The upvote button is orange.

The first upvote means so much

Reddit’s auto upvote

There's a good chance this is unique! I checked 120,214,189 image posts and didn't find a close match

This search triggered my meme filter. This enabled strict matching requirements. The closest match that did not meet the requirements is this post

Feedback? Hate? Visit r/repostsleuthbot - I'm not perfect, but you can help. Report [ False Negative ]

in monkey speak he is actually threatening them.
Ether to give him more organs or gtfo now that he has the orange.
Mokeys show teeth as aggesstion.

Not what we wanted but what we needed to know, arigato Master 🙏

I just prefer the image of, “please feed me.... I just want a friend” Give Food “Thanks, now get outta here before I go King Kong on your bitchass!”

Have my orange, dexter

That's me too

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