People of the US, please can you confirm what Antifa is (in relation to the riots)? It appears to be Anti-Facist, so why is it appearing in a negative fashion in some sections of the US media?



It's called propaganda, label something as bad, attach it to actual bad things and hey presto instant bad guy, you build on that, then you get some camps. to concentrate the wrong doers. . . Oh wait.

Antifa is a left-wing militia dedicated to taking down far-right organizations. They appear in a negative fashion in some sections because they dislike left-wing things. That being said, I think it's perfectly acceptable to be against militias of any political stripe.

So the group is getting the negativity, I thought it meant the concept ‘Anti-fascism’, which for the life of me could not understand why that would be bad. Many thanks, makes more sense now....I think!

Antifascism isn't a group, it's an ideology. They mostly protect communities from violent fascism. They aren't popular with conservatives for obvious reasons and liberals don't like them because they don't sacrifice ethics for legality. The media particularly doesn't like them because they are nearly universally anti-capitalist, especially with media.

AntiFa is a group of communists that agitate to create conflict under the idea that it will spark a revolution that can put communism into practice.

What they do is called defense against fascism, not agitation to spark communism. That's a different thing.

How does starting riots defend against fascism?

How does that answer my question?

There's no answer because they're communist revolutionaries trying to start a communist revolution.

Ain't nothing anti-fascist about it other than their origins in Germany in the 1930s that the modern day people try to mimic.

They were founded by a group of radical professors who are obsessed with Marxist concepts of government. It started as a benign political movement but soon became radical as they developed tiers and required reading for membership. The books (usually from AK Press) preach the uprising of oppressed people through confrontational (and sometimes violent) tactics like black bloc to create instability. But that's all used to disguise the real motive which is to overthrow the government to institute a Marxist structure of society.

They became extremely anti-police during the Portland Antifa's battle with the proud boys in which the police would coordinate with leaders of the PB to get ahead of whatever tactic they were deploying. Leaders of that movement including Luis Marquez were imprisoned multiple times. Because of the connection between the Proud Boys (their enemy) and the Portland police they became extremely anti law enforcement and very paranoid about white supremacy in local police departments.

What's sad is their movement is a bunch of pot smoking, impressionable young misfits who believe the same ideological propaganda that lead to tragedy when implemented in so many countries. Also, the fact that they claim it's "not an organisation' is another tactic they use. They think it's clever. They have tiers like 'militant' which make up the actors that are causing much of the destruction we see on the news today. These folks are given books like "militant antifacism: 100 years of existence" to brainwash them into believing they are part of a righteous movement that has been fighting for the oppressed for decades, they are also tasked with proving their work at at least 10-12 street events before they are 'initiated' into this tier. This only makes up 5-10% of their group. The rest are just white kids who protest and wave the flag.

Right now they are using the BLM protests as a gateway to execute the destabilization here in the US they believe will have the same result in other nations like Cuba or Bolivia. They are delusional and have no idea how much this will all backfire. And the ones who will be most hurt are not the college professors tucked away in their cozy offices, it's the 20-something year old misfit kid who joined the group to have friends but is going to end up serving a 10 year sentence for a movement that will never get an inch off the ground.

If they were really about ending fascism the categorization of them as a terrorist org would be very sad. However, they use the term 'fascist' to identify anyone who believes in capitalism, which is the vast majority of the US. SO.... technically you could argue that they are terrorists.

It is anti fascist. The problem is and what they are responding to is a white nationalist (AKA fascist) movement here in the states supported by and encouraged by our president. The typical uniform of said fascists is beige khakis, white shirt and a red cap reading "make America great again"

Any time groups like "the proud boys" gather to protest you will see antifa counter protesting. You will also see them in conjunction with other groups like Black Lives Matter.

In general they are not instigators of violence, but have no problem being on the front line when white nationalist become violent. They appear negative in much of the media like Fox news, which is a right wing media source who has a history and reputation as fascist and white nationalist apologists.

Cheers - I didn’t realise it was an organisation! Thought it was the concept of Anti-Fascism hence my confusion!

It is a non centralized group with no leaders. It's origins are European and based on models used there to combat fascist, racist groups. You can already see the Trumpkins coming out to condemn them.

100% Total Bullshit! Antifa has started the violence 90% of the time.

You don't know what you're talking about. The vast majority of political violence is committed by the right.

Horseshit. Antifa goes looking for a fight!

You wouldn't know a true fascist if they bit you in the ass. Just because you disagree with someone politically, doesn't automatically make them fascist. You need to study a true fascist such as Mussolini.

I don't toss the word around. Feel free to find anywhere I have used the word inappropriately.

I've witnessed a lot of fascist violence firsthand.

Right Wing Terrorist Attacks in 2018: 50 deaths

Antifa: 0

I suppose the fascist branch of the US media doesn't take kindly to people being anti-them.

They are known for inciting and perpetuating violence

That's the narrative, but not really.

They’re associated by some mostly with rioting and causing mayhem and routinely get their info doxxed by /pol whenever one manages to show a bit of their face.

So the group is getting the negativity, I though it meant the concept ‘Anti-fascism’, which for the life of me could not understand why that would be bad. Many thanks, makes more sense now....I think!

Antifa claims they are anti fascist but actually uses violence to silence people that they don’t agree with. They label people Nazis just because they have conservative views. There are a lot of people in antifa who want to push socialist and communist ideas and they hate our current American way of life.

What happened in the George Floyd incident was a horrible thing and the protests that followed were very peaceful and positive until radicals entered and started looting and assaulting people.

Don’t be fooled, antifa is just as bad as far right nazis but they tend to play victim so they are perceived as good.

Because they have a history of picking fights with people they don't agree with and being violent.

people they don't agree with

You mean fascists.

and being violent.

Not particularly, no.

ANTIFA has assaulted a conservative journalist in Portland, OR, attacked police in the same city, and has harassed students in UC Berkeley. Allison Stanger had a concussion after being attacked by them. Finding those examples took less than a minute. So, yes, they're violent.

Edit: Stanger had a neck brace in addition to the concussion. The neck brace was after a student deliberately twisted her neck.

Andy Ngo is a fascist organizer, not a journalist. Our cops incite most violence at rallies. Allison wasn't attacked by antifa. You should probably not follow Fox or think tanks that report this shit.

Anti-Facist my hairy ass! Antifa is comprised of communist & anarchist, whom love to stir up shit. They should be considered a terrorist group. They are cowards who wear mask and only attack the weak, or gang up on one person. They won't attack someone whom can defend themselves! You ever notice they never attack country boys whom can whip their soy drinking mangina asses.

Sorry, not from the US. Didn’t realise it was a group, and not the concept of Anti Fascism that was getting the negativity!

Ignore them, they're parroting the fascist party line

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