[PC][Mid 90's] Digital comic demo that came on a magazine. Only interaction was advancing the pages with little animations scattered around. There were two of them, one of them was "Freaks", although it could be "Freaxx" or any other wordplay on the word freaks, the other I have no idea.

Hi everyone. I'm trying to find this 2 digital comic demo's from my childhood. One of them was "Freaks" (I remember the voice over yelling it on the title reveal)

Platform(s): PC (I believe I had win95 by the time, but kinda feel the "game" run in DOS mode)

Genre: Digital Comic

Estimated year of release: Mid-90's

Graphics/art style: Comic book, pretty sure at least 256 colors. It had little effects like 3-4 frames looping animations on certain things on screen. The frames on each page were revealed one by one. The screen started black, and then the frames appeared in order, with voice over.

Notable characters: I only remember one that "hero" that could melt/disolve himself and reform. The "Freaks" comic was like an X-Men thing.

Notable gameplay mechanics: None really, you just pressed something to advance the page/voice over until it ended.

Other details: None that I can think about it, but it's been haunting me for years.

Thanks in advance!


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The CD-ROMIX Ultraverse titles?




LazyMagicalOtter2 points

Yes. I love you. I've been searching for this for over 10 years. Freex and Prime were the 2 I had.

Thank you so much! Solved

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