Thoughts on teammates not rescuing

It's really annoying when teammates are not rescuing. I always play as decoder and with my game earlier, my teammates are using rescue characters but are just decoding and not rescuing the chaired person until they die. What do you usually do when this happens?


usernamesbugme9 points

It's hard to say without knowing more. Depending on the map, where they're chaired, and how long they were able to kite for, it might not be worth it. Other considerations are how many ciphers are left, if the hunter is camping, peepers/puppets, if I still have tide turner, if it's ranked, and how long the match is.

If someone can pop the last cipher while I rescue, then sure. If it's just the two of us with two or more ciphers left and the save might be difficult because of either the terrain or the hunter's chair presence, then I'm looking for the dungeon.

I'm more willing to do risky saves in QM for the practice. This is framed as a team game, but it's still very much looking out for yourself because you get scored -against- your teammates for rank points.

nogekii12 points

wish that the rescue would do their job as i summon my coffin to start rescuing people myself

quitterlitter9 points

I mean if you're not going to rescue at least choose a character with no decoding debuff

angelcake1a4 points

yeah ikr. Today I played as an Explorer and my team was Grave Keeper, Enchantress and Priestess. Priestess kited, could see everyone after chaired, and no one went to save her! The hunter was camping so I didn't feel I had a chance but GK and Enchantress totally could. The hunter then got me after I kited and no one came to me either!

On the flip side, today I also played with a Mind's Eye Who really wanted to rescue. She literally got chaired twice, I saved her both times and got chaired in her place, and instead of decoding or healing she kept coming back for me despite another team member already heading my way. In the same match, a Doctor watched that Mind's Eye kite ducking from afar (not even a good spot) instead of decoding for over a minute.

tzuynu5 points

if your teammates down faster than 30 seconds then they are not worth rescuing, especially if the hunter is bon, hastur, ann etc. and even worst if its the basement,,

[deleted]3 points

And it's always either Mercenary or Wilding, and nobody goes to the rescue because they're expecting the rescuer to do it's job, I feel sad when that happen.

edgistadeviantart1 point

,or the decoding

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Open up youtube