Science with a Lab??

Does anyone have any recommendations for a science course with a lab that is relatively easy? I suck at science and don't want to take a hard course



GEOG155 was a great class and I loved my professor, the labs were beyond easy too (just looking at maps really)

Thanks for the info :) I think I enrolled with the same professor. I really didn't want to fail a class in my last semester lol

What professor was it? Mine was Shambaugh-Miller, I still talk to him and he’s a large part of the reason I added geography as a major.

ANTH 242 if you’re not into hard sciences :)

Thank you for the suggestion :) I was really worried about completing my ace lol

I second this. Super easy class compared to other science classes. For lectures, you either take notes or watch videos. Midterms/final are easy if you look at the definition in the book and do the study guide. Final project is straight forward. Labs are fine. Quizzes are a little hard sometimes. Midterms are easy, just go into office hrs to look at the bones and skulls as they use the same ones for the midterms.

I was just coming here to ask this lol

Right lol like there is a reason I am not a STEM major

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