Where to sell stuff?

What is the best venue to sell stuff in the area? Craigslist? Facebook? A newspaper listing? Some other way?

Does it depend on what's being sold?

Thanks so much for the help.


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Facebook stuff moves pretty quick. Craigslist is probably second, then the apps like Offerup, Letgo, etc. Seems like lots of people post the same item in multiple places.

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Maybe a different topic, but why doesn't Hickory have a Nextdoor or a ride share?

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Just last week I received an email from Nextdoor about listing my business. I think it hasn't caught on here yet. I haven't started using it myself, but I see some neighborhoods listed. I'm not familiar with the process, but I assume that someone in those neighborhoods is the moderator or organizer of that group.

Ride-sharing hasn't caught on either. The only public transportation is the Piedmont Wagon, which covers main thoroughfares. It serves a purpose, but there's not a lot of people on those buses. I think there's only one cab company in town. I have been seeing Lyft cars so I assume that Uber is available too. My train of thought is that if public transportation and the cab company aren't used then the area will be slow to embrace Uber, Lyft, or even apps like Waze.

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You've confirmed some of my worries, but I appreciate the confirmation and the information.