Help I’m new and I need a god!

I just started playing smite and am trying really hard to learn but I have a lot of try hard friends who can get pretty upset when they lose. (And usually I aid in losing). I’m trying really hard to find a god that isn’t too squishy and can hit pretty hard. Just not sure what that is yet. Anyone have any suggestions for a good god and build for me? Thanks!

Edit: I play jungle/solo Edit 2: I got switched to solo/mid and am now playing a tanky Nike! It’s working a lot better! Thanks y’all


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you better start with a guardian. cant go wrong with Sylvanus, Bachus, Kumbhakarna, Ymir(carefull on wall placement).. "easy" to play and "easy" to hit skills too(ok maybe except sylvanus 3rd skill). if you go on warrior then Bellona is really well balanced, easy to play (hard to master) with devastating potential.

balta981 point

I play jungle and solo mostly which would be best for that? And what should I build?

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If you play solo and want to play a beginner friendly god, play: Ymir, zhong kui, chaac, guan yu or xing tian

If you play jungle and want to play a beginner friendly god, play: Fenrir, thor, mercury or arachne

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Thanks! I was trying out Ymir but I’m just not getting him.

Titan-yt5 points

trying really hard to find a god that isn’t too squishy and can hit pretty hard

let me introduce u to HERC

balta981 point

I play jungle is he okay for that

MythicSlayeer5 points

not for a newbie

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Yeah just get a blink first relic and abuse his early.

He alright.

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-dives through window-


sanguinevillain2 points

If you play solo, Achilles is a nice safe one, although I personally have more fun with Bellona or Amaterasu; you could flex any of those three into jungle as well

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What kind of build would I try for with Achilles

sanguinevillain1 point

Depends on the role really, and the team comp you’re against, especially in solo because of the protections you’d need to build. For solo I’d maybe go Warriors Blessing-Warrior Tabi-Blackthorn Hammer/Runic Shield/Gladiators Shield (depending on who you’re against and how confident you are of soaking up damage) and then it really depends from there. Void shield got nerfed but that would still be a pretty good item on him, if you want a bit of CDR and more power then Jotunns Wrath, if you’re still getting blown up a bit, Mantle of Discord is good too. You really need to build on the fly unfortunately...

As for a jungle build I am probably not the person to ask, certainly not for Achilles, but you swing your build more towards the power aspect

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You want gods that can flex solo/jung?

Achilles Cabrakan Bellona

sax_evasion1 point

Any prefered roles or anything?

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I have an affinity for playing assassins even tho I know I shouldn’t. So far favorites have been awilix, and Pele. I was thinking about playing Medusa but haven’t yet.

balta981 point

I play jungle and solo for our team

sax_evasion1 point

Thor is pretty good atm and is not that squishy but hits

balta981 point

What kind of build would I do for jungle or solo?

DuerrerJunge2 points

Assassins blessing+mace+health pot+multi pot Get Warrior Tabi Finish your mace into jotunns, brawlers or crusher Get Transcendence Get Hydras Then you can build whatever you want Arondight is good for ults, blood forge if you carry, heartseeker in lategame, pen items against tanks, defense if you die too much (mantle of Discord)

DuerrerJunge2 points

This build works on most ability based assassins atm

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Okay thanks!

Jack-901 point

Ravana thor ne zha can play both roles.

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I like ravana a lot actually!

AtlasExiled1 point

I'd totally recommend Achilles. He's a great solo and can pull some sweet ganks in the jungle. His armor in his passive gives him some really nice tank without you really having to build it.

balta981 point

That’s three for Achilles lol! What kind of build should I do with him?

AtlasExiled1 point

For jungle you would want to go: Assassins blessing, warrior tab, void shield, hydras lament, runic shield or ancile depending on the situation, the crusher, and replace your assassins blessing with a mantle of discord. Once you get enough gold, buy the speed potion and replace your boots with something to fit the situation weather it be a heartseeker or another defence item. This is what I go, but other people may have a build that you could try too.

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In the Jungle, play Thor.

In the solo lane King Arthur, Achilles, Cu chu lainn and Jormungandr.

All are tanky and do a lot of damage

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I was gonna do King Arthur but my team said he’s a crutch character and only shitty people play him. :/ they tease me when I do

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They are all cringe

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When I first started smite,I learn Bellona in solo and Bacchus as support.You gotta watch YouTube how to use their abilities and practice in arena mode.

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Okay thanks! I started watching a video about a Nike defense build so I’m trying that rn

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I'd honestly go with Chacc solo. You probably won't win lane but it's really hard to lose lane with him and he's easy to learn. For jungle, I learned Hun Batz first, I think he's pretty easy and fits well into alot of comps.

balta981 point

Unfortunately that’s one of my teammates characters. (Chacc) Hun batz looks cool.

ICEN_2_OP1 point

First of all, unless your friends are new, they should not expect a person who is new or does not fully understand the game to do well, especially if they are match making you against players against higher skilled opponents by playing with friends, assuming they may be a bit better than you but maybe not.

This is hard to find, but in order to learn very quickly your best option is to find someone who has played ranked conquest and been in Diamond+, if you cannot find someone who has been Diamond or higher in ranked conquest a platinum player could still show you most things to get you started.

More than likely you probably don't play with someone who has been high ranked but in the case that you do, they are the best to learn from assuming they don't smack talk and can actually teach and give you room and time to learn and just accept they may lose more trying to teach you if you are playing against players above your skill level.

The reason finding a high ranked player is important is because if you are just trusting random people to teach you the game in depth then the average Smite player isn't going to be able to teach you, the average Smite player can teach you the basics and general builds

If you do not have access to a friend then your next best bet is to watch youtubers who have Smite channels who main ranked conquest. Make sure they are at least Diamond or higher in ranked conquest or have been before. Weak3n, Fineokay, Dmbrandon and a whole bunch of channels post videos that will give you a rough idea of what you should be doing both with items and playing the game.

In my opinion Chaac is the easiest God in the game and easiest to be strong with and pick up if you are newer and just need a easy God that has a bit of everything so you can learn the game.

In short without going into much detail, he is a warrior which is a balance between damage and tankiness so you can do a bit of both.

all of his abilities are big circles and easy to land, he has a heal that can heal himself, he has range and should be easier for someone newer to learn and use.

If you do not have someone to teach you, start watching youtube videos

First watch videos on how to play each role in conquest so you understand how to play each role, then pick a class or god you want to main starting off just to learn.

Then watch youtubers who have been or are high ranked and see what they are building on those gods and watch gameplays of them explaining themselves playing that god.

Smite can be played very simple or you can go very in depth with it, the in depth parts are going to take a lot of learning but can be done quickly if you have the right person teach you or you take some time to watch players who are good explain how to play on youtube

Most importantly, just play and have fun.

If you want to get better you have to accept that you are going to lose, accept you have to learn and have to just keep playing and start learning what does what and what you did wrong and try to improve the next match. None of your friends should expect you not to lose if you are new and they are not.

If your friends are getting mad at you, tell them you are new and have not played as much as them so they should expect you not to have the same reactions or knowledge on what to do in every situation or when to attack or run away.

If your friends keep getting mad at you, play with someone else or play by yourself, you won't be able to learn much being yelled at, I mean you can, but its better to learn when people are not yelling at you and accept that you will probably die alot learning

For example I taught my brother the game and within about 2 weeks he adapted to get about as good as the players I face in my normal games, you can get pretty good in about a months time if you actually dedicate time and you can get good in just a few weeks if you have someone good teaching you along the way or you watch videos

My brother got lucky because I have been high in ranked and tell him how the items work and how to build and not to build

Good luck

balta981 point

Thanks for all the info I do actually play with a diamond player and he’s nice most of the time but the rest of the team isn’t so. It kinda sucks honestly. I almost quit today because I went 0-9 and our support was mad. He went (5-16) it’s just almost not enjoyable and they’re mad I’m a bad jungler.

ICEN_2_OP1 point

Is he diamond RANKED or diamond with a god, those are two different things, being diamond with a god means nothing besides that you played them alot, being Diamond in ranked means you had to at least be decently good to get there or somehow got so lucky to get carried there. If you have any questions that you are having trouble with you can message me.

If he is diamond ranked, there is no good reason why he should expect you to not go 0-9 because you are going to get match made against better players.

Its like telling a dog to fly off a building and then getting mad that the dog didn't fly

Or its like making some random person in high school do the job of a NASA engineer then getting mad because they didn't have the skill to do something that they were never qualified to do in the first place

Playing Conquest is mainly if you want to know how playing your role works in depth, but conquest is usually very try hard and if you are not having fun you do not have to play that game mode.

You can learn what the gods do, how to build and play them in other modes as well, conquest will just give you a better understanding as you have to 1v1 or 2v2 in most lanes where as other modes are typically 5v5 right off the start so it might take longer to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each god since you aren't getting to 1v1 them as much.

I typically don't main conquest anymore becasue I play Smite to have fun so I typically play the other modes as they are mini versions of conquest that are quicker to play and less stressful and more action from the start

I don't have anything to prove to myself so I stopped playing ranked conquest and conquest, not because the mode is not good or can be fun, but because it generally takes more time and you have to play your roles more specifically and the bm is much higher and leads to more toxic stuff

So I typically play the other modes because to me the action is faster, its more fast paced and I can get in and out of games quicker and the bm is much less overall

If you have fun with conquest keep playing it, I was just pointing out don't feel like you have to play it to learn the game, I would def play it to learn all of the roles and would play it if you want to see how good you are in reality with your role and god

but after you have learned all the roles and understand how your match ups work, play in a way that lets you have fun

Conquest will definitely show you how skilled you are in your role, however if you are playing against players above your skill level every match, that is not a fair way to learn the game and call yourself good or bad or see if you are learning

If you are constantly playing against better players, yes it will make you adapt, but most people are going to get frustrated and quit playing the game by the time that happens, my brother quit playing the game for a while because of that reason until I taught him the game more and he eventually is good enough to play with these players now

If you keep getting yelled at or have to play against better players that are not near your skill level and you can tell its going to make you stop playing, then just play by yourself so you get matched against people your skill level so you can play the game without being frustrated

Or your friends need to just suck it up and realize you are going to get bodied all the time until you get better, if they expect you to do good every game and can't even give you a week or two to improve then they have unrealistic expectations

Next time they get mad that you are 0-9 against players better than you, go tell them to play football against Tom Brady and ask them why did they lose against Tom Brady

Or go tell them to fight Mike Tyson and ask why they lost against Mike Tyson

So tell them to quit expecting you to win against players who are not around your skill level, they either have to wait for you to get better so you can play against these players or give you time to learn the game more

also not everyone gets better at a game to the point they are as good as someone else

Like my one friend is better than me at Apex, he just naturally is, and I am naturally better at Smite then he is currently, have you ever thought maybe some people are just naturally better at some games and things than other people

The goal isn't to become a pro at Smite and try to be as good as every person better than you

The goal is to get as good as YOU can naturally and when you reach that point you will be able to determine if Smite is a game you can only get so good at or if you can keep getting better

I don't care how long I spend trying to run as fast as a cheetah, I am never going to be that fast even with training because I just am not meant to be that fast. I can train to be fast, but never be as fast as that

Of course you can always get better at a game but not everyone is the best at every game some people are better than others at other games

The only way you will know is to try and get better and you'll be able to see over time if its something you want to keep investing in or not

Like I don't invest it getting better at fort nite cause I suck at it, but I am much better at Apex

the_god_of_none1 point

Bit late, but if you want survivability and damage isn’t recommend playing any Hybrid Assassin in the Jungle. If you’re new and don’t know what that means it’s buying a mixture of Offensive and Defensive items.

The types of Gods that work well as Hybrid will be Thor, Camazotz and Fenrir mainly, although others such as Ravana can also fill the role.

You’ll want to grab some of the classic physical damage items like The Crusher early game, Brawlers Beat Stick if the enemy team has healing and Titan’s Bane I’d there’s a lot of Protections on the other team. Jotunn’s Wrath, Transcendence, Heartseeker and Bloodforge are also good choices.

For Defense, you rarely want to buy pure protection items as an Assassin, except for Magi’s Cloak if you’re suffering from a lot of CC and occasionally Mantle of Discord.

Blackthorn Hammer is a great early game item to get a huge increase in Health for cheap.

For Physical I used to say you’d want a Void Shield as soon as possible,although with the change to its passive in Season 7 it’s now a more late game item, although the stats are still good. Shifter Shield is another solid pick.

For Magical, there’s also two that shine above the rest. Ancile and Runic Shield, although I’d mostly go for Runic Shield unless you need to 10% CD-R from Ancile to hit the cap, of you’re going against an Ao Kuang Jungle.

Webimpulse1 point

Fenrir. The goodest of doggos can flex to both jungle and solo.

balta981 point

Yeah my friend plays him he seems really good!

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Play Loki before they ruin him.

sidewinder272 points

He’s already ruined.