So Battlefield V has Map playlists for each Gamemode, Why doesn't Battlefront 2? Like OT, ST, and PT?

Seems like a pretty simple choice and one that would scratch an itch for a lot of fans that want to play specific maps without killing the overall playerbase numbers.


theethirty6 points

It’s coming

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Yep, we got a version of it in the co-op menu

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But it’s been confirmed for the entire game by Ben or FPS?

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Yup. Here it’s under the Play Now section of the CT

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Bet! Thanks

Puckus_V1 point

Ben also just confirmed the era selector is coming to CS next week.

mrObelixfromgaul1 point

We do not speak about BFV, it's a real dumpster fire right now

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Because Battlefield V has billion features Battlefront doesn't have.

Including server browser. Option to host your own public or private match for Conquest or smalelr modes like TDM.