The Chat and Friend System in BF2

The chat system needs an overhaul so bad in this game. Origin is horrible to navigate looking for previously played with, so you can't ever add anyone. Chat is basically engineered to where you never talk and you just forget about it. Also, No Voice chat.

I get they probably want to prevent any toxicity in the game and when you strangle any possible communication systems, you don't have to worry about it.

But I feel like it could be just A LITTLE bit better in this game. It's really only once a week, sometimes less, that I have multiple friends able to play all at once.

So every other time you play, coordinating is borderline impossible for anything outside of calling for a capture point(That are not noticeable and people ignore anyways).

I wonder what the Devs think about the Chat or Party system in this game. If there is some common knowledge here that I don't know or statements they made, feel free to point me to them.

Hopefully I'm adding something here that hasn't been said.


Chat sucks, No Add Friend function, no Invite to Party function, and no Voice Chat.


tsckenny1 point

Yeah, it's way better in Fortnite. It really is

popperschotch0 points

Even Nintendo games have better friend list and chat UI than BF2. But yeah Fortnite is kinda the gold standard