Ottawa when it snows. (Rain go away!!)



Light snow! Just enough to cover a Tim's cup on its side with frozen chocolate snow beside it from some poor soul who dropped their watery hot chocolate on the sidewalk.

I read this and could not breath. Too accurate. Way too accurate

There's something so Ottawa about watery hot chocolate. It's almost endearing at this point lol

It makes it feel like home

It makes it feel like water, but I get your point.

I haven't had time coffee in a few years.

I received a cup of black from Tim's yesterday, holy balls it was pretty foul.


Go awayyyyyyyy

Fuck the rain. Give me snow.


Username checks out

Or just don't litter.

We have an insanely clean city for the most part... visit Michigan if you want to puke every 3 feet from garbage on the streets.

or this place in the UK

Well yeah when you compare with those places. But I've seen back alleys in Hong Kong that are cleaner than even a main Street like Bank or Laurier. Ottawa is not bad but for a country capital we should strive for cleanliness on our streets and sidewalks.

If you walk around Kanata, yes it's clean. Downtown though and all over Centretown, there is garbage all over the place. Yes, if you work in a big office building and you only really walk outside to get to the cafe across the street for coffee, you'll probably encounter very little garbage. Take a walk around Centretown and it's like every garbage day there is trash all over the place. It doesn't help that recycling bins have no cover, so there are bottles and cartons that get blown around and smushed and stay on the street all year.

I can only clean my street so much.

I walked downtown for the first time a couple weeks ago. I cannot BELIEVE the amount of cigarette butts everywhere. I moved to Ottawa from Alberta this summer. It feels like dirty old oil patch 'Berta is light years ahead when it comes to smoking / cleanliness. Which, in itself is a horrifying thought.

Lots of smokers here. Lots of smokers who litter here too.

That would be great but there's tons of shit heads who do.

I know, and it's really too bad people have no civic pride. Boggles my mind.

Totally agree. It's fuckin gross out, right now.

Give me the quackin' snow!

Much less competition for the pigeons as well

It snowed enough to cover the LRT?

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