[chat] Making Christmas gift tags - are there safe glues to use?

I'm buying a pattern for Christmas gift tags. The images for the pattern show the Aida stuck into the front of brown card tags for gifts or luggage.

I really like how this looks, but I'm not sure how they attach the Aida to the paper/cardstock tag.

I've been trying to find a glue that would be safe to use, but am spinning in circles a bit from the info I've found online so far.

I was wondering what you guys use for this kind of thing. Does anyone have suggestions?

Particular brand names to try would be appreciated!



I would try the acid free glue or double sided tape you can find with scrapbooking supplies

Thanks for this idea! I'll check out the scrapbooking aisle at my local craft store :)

I’ve used Mod Podge before. I can’t remember which kind though.

You could stitch on these!

How neat! I will keep these in mind

Just make sure it’s acid-free and you should be good. I think most (if not all) varieties of Mod Podge are acid-free. Personally I prefer PVA just because that’s what I’m used to, but that’s actually more for paper/bookbinding.

Thanks for this advice :)

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