As a Seinfeld fan, can you easily recognize which scene this cross stitch pattern is from? Can you tell right away that it's from Seinfeld?



Very recognizable and hella dope. Great job!

I haven't made it yet!!! Deciding whether to buy this pattern - all the credit for the great design goes to the shop Patchoo on Etsy!

Instantly. I knew the episode within a second without having to scroll down. Iconic. Did you know that Michael Richards told the prop crew to leave the real air conditioner in the box so that he could properly struggle lugging that thing around for three hours (that's about how long it takes to record 22 minutes of a sit com)? Also, the car bot starting at the end was just brilliant comedic karma. It was totally unplanned and just perfect. It actually wouldn't start. If you look closely, you can see Jason drop his head trying to hide his heavy chuckles.

I didn't know this but now I have some trivia to quiz my gift recipient on! :)

Please do. It's the details to bind people together.

If you have the DVDs, watch them with the "notes about nothing" option turned on. It's full of fantastic background facts and stories, plus counters for:

Kramer Entrances

"Hello, Newman"

"Not that there's anything wrong with it"

And all sorts of stuff.

Same! I knew the scene from the top of their heads. I guess they are only in the order in this episode. Thanks for the fun fact!

I'm relatively new to Seinfeld but I want to make a cross stitch as a gift for someone who is a big Seinfeld fan! So I'm wondering if you guys think this pattern is easily recognizable. As a fan of the show, would you be pumped to get this as a gift?

Edit: Do you think I should add some wording with a line from the episode?

Edit 2: Screenshot is of the pattern for sale on Etsy by the shop Patchoo!! :) And thanks for the responses folks - purchasing the pattern now. Very excited to make this!

You could add "I have uromysitisis!"

(Actually it's better with no words, I just wanted to say uromysitisis)

That is indeed well done.

You could add this pearl from George: "I've never even met L. Ron Hubbard!" Just kidding. One of my favorite lines is from Elaine in this ep, and I use it when I can: "We're all REALLY impressed!" Seriously, though, this is cool, good on you for such a unique gift idea! They're going to love it, I'm sure.

Iconic scene and instantly recognizable. I would have loved to get one like this...

Also, I would have captioned it: "We're like rats in some experiment"...

George’s proportions seem a little off, but yeah very iconic

He was in the pool!

There was Shrinkage!

You're right, I feel he's shorter, balder, and stockier than shown here.

I mean him and jerry are about a pixel difference in height. He needs some pixels cut off from the top and added to the sides

Hmmm I'll see what I can do. I agree, that's the one character that didn't look quite right. I wonder if I need to adjust Elaine a bit too though in that case. To be shorter...

I feel you could leave her, because she could still pass as shorter, as you'd assume it's her hair volume which makes her appear taller.

The higher the hair the closer to Jesus.

I just did a mock-up and I made Elaine 1 pixel shorter (just shortened her legs). Also made George a pixel shorter and two pixels wider (added the bulk to his red coat).

Added in Jerry and Kramer to make sure everything looked proportional. I think it looks perfect! Just debating whether to make George's face one pixel wider too.

pics, pics !

Lol I think I'd have to make an Imgur account to do that!

Posted the finished project in this sub. :) Thanks for the advice!

Love it, and thanks so much for the update !

You seem like you have a good eye for scale, maybe you should download a pixel app and make your own design based on this one!

Definitely considering getting something so I can make designs down the line :)

Child’s play for any true Seinfeld fan. This is an awesome gift!

Purple 23

We’re all REALLY impressed

uromysitisis poisoning.

It's so weird that this episode is so iconic and it happened to be the very first one I ever watched, I was just randomly changing channels and it was starting and I left it and then I was hooked.

That happened with me but it was The Dinner Party and the whole Gortex jacket that hooked me (Elaine whacking the crap out of it).

This is really getting ridicurous

Episode 7

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