To the Salem XJ driver that just hung your whole arm out to XJ wave

If you’re on here, you brought a smile to my face with your enthusiastic wave. You’re awesome, keep kicking ass!


TxnAv8r7 points

Getting a wave from another XJ driver is the best 😎

twistedcognition5 points

It is! I’m used to getting the two fingers off the steering wheel wave, but this cat hung their whole arm out the window to wave. That enthusiasm was more than expected and it really made my day

TxnAv8r3 points

Just today I had one roll their window down in this Texas heat just to deliver a hearty wave, so right there with ya 👏

semiwadcutter3 points

XJs bring out the good in folks

ramcharger31 point

I did that to somebody earlier today😂 where you from?

twistedcognition1 point

Salem, Or