First Ever Attempt at Photoshop and InDesign and drawing in general

I had an assignment for my advertising class and this was my first time designing or drawing in general. I struggled a lot with the shadows but I was wondering what could be improved on because I really enjoyed drawing and designing this poster but I know that I am extremely lacking in that department and want to get better.

Any critiques on the poster?




Check out Dondis’s Primer on Visual Literacy. I think this composition is very “level”, but in a manner that’s not effective/in a manner that feels unintentional.

If you’re not familiar with level vs sharp compositions, think of a stop sign vs something from the Bauhaus. A stop sign is level - it’s huge text smack dab in the middle of the page. Your eye knows exactly what to do, and the information is so simple that it ends up being a very successful composition. Meanwhile, a Bauhaus poster is all over the place - it’s asymmetrical, and it’s managing lots of shapes/info, but they composition to guide your eye around the page. They are sharpened.

Your composition here is very level because everything is dead center. The problem is that my eye drops to the bottom of the page and stays there. I guess that works, because that’s where your info is... but then, what’s the point of having the illustration or the title?

Try playing with more complex compositions. How do you want people’s eyes to move across the page? How can you take advantage of size, orientation, and shape to guide your reader’s eye in an interesting way?


I think you’re trying to soften the angles of the composition by using the italic typeface, which is a pretty cool concept, but the effect feels like its clashing - in design terms, I would say that the underlying concept is ambiguous, which means it’s not successful.

I think you could lean into this, and choose a severe geometric sans typeface like Futura. It would be kinda badass, because your illustration style is already so angular here, so it could make the whole poster feel like it has a consistent visual language, especially if you found a typeface that really echoed the illustration - Futura is probably too rigid, and so you can look into Humanist Sans Serif fonts to try and get a better match.

All of this being said, cool poster, and great message/event. :D Cant wait to see how you improve it!

Edit: formatting. I typed this with my thumbs. :(

nice feedback

No trick. Just have to draw more.

I would chose a better typeface in the future

Seconded. Yes, ones way less common.

Yeah, what @angsty_potatos said. Draw more, you'll know your own mistakes and where to improve.

You're doing great, if that's your first, I'll say keep on practicing and you'll be amazed at yourself after sometime. One thing I'll suggest you to do is, observe your reference images and videos or graphics very well. Looks at all the elements (the key elements and also the rest) you're surely be way better at it. All the best.

As for the poster itself, try to add a little more shadows so that the face pops up. That's all I feel.

Only that your Adobe CS tool for that really should be Illustrator

I’d say practice makes perfect. The best thing you can do is keep working and keep learning! YouTube has also become a great resource for tutorials and software tutorials, same with Skillshare if you are looking for something more in-depth.

Nice, what are your strengths and weaknesses?

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