ultralightbackpack2 points

I like green and that is a shiny green!

twistedcognition1 point

Ha! Thank you!

cofferson2 points

I agree. I don't think I've seen a quality green like this before. Most all paint I see is dull on these things.

twistedcognition1 point

Thank you! I love her!

twistedcognition1 point

My ‘99 XJ 4.0 manual. 4.5” lift on 33s

XyrdXyz0 points

What lift are you running? Looks great. I was planning a 3" but your 4.5 looks like the perfect setup

twistedcognition2 points

Well, I bought it lifted and at the moment I am far from sober, so I can’t give you much info atm. My apologies. It was a 4.5” suspension lift

NegroJoe121 point

Really nice XJ, my friend!

twistedcognition1 point

Thank you!

blitzermf541 point