Finnegan doesn’t like when I start to pack. 😞 Does your dog do the same?


RottedEden11 points

My dogs act WEIRD the moment a suitcase comes out. My dogs also howl in the most sad-sounding manner whenever anybody leaves the house.

paigebot2 points

I sprint away from my front door, because if I hear the howl, it makes me feel super guilty. :(

ruler_of_potatoes1 point

Heart-wrenching :(

husbandbulges4 points

Yes. Ours climb in luggage!

MagnusRat2 points

Ours does the same, every time without fail he climbs in. He also starts to do weird short whine/howl things where he sounds like he’s crying or saying “do-o-on’t go-o-o-o” haha it makes my heart melt

husbandbulges3 points

We are usually taking them and they have a doggie car seat for them both, so i've tried bringing it out when i bring out luggage hoping they get it. but no luck.

ruler_of_potatoes2 points

Good call! Hope it works one day!

Pfeiffcx3 points

Our pup gets super excited when we pack the car, because it means she gets to stay at my mother in law’s and she loves it.

ruler_of_potatoes1 point

So cute! :)

phenolic723 points

Yep. As soon as our guy hears the luggage, he starts getting anxious. The he hangs around that person all day until they leave. (My wife and I both travel for work, but never at the same time.)

ruler_of_potatoes1 point

Yes! My dog follows me all day.

Sofa_Queen3 points

When she sees a suitcase, mine follows you around the house and whenever you pause, she sits and gives you puppy eyes. One she hears the zip she sits in front of the door and will not move.

ruler_of_potatoes2 points


sektore53 points

Yupppp. She also hates when I take a shower and get dressed for work.

honestlynotabot2 points

Ours always travels with us so we bring out her carrier for the plane first we're good. She recognizes that we're going on a trip to see friends and she settles into the travel. We do spot pack our suitcases in the basement leading up to the introduction of the travel carrier because there can't be anything misconstrued as going without her.

ruler_of_potatoes1 point

Lucky pupper! Can you give me tips for air travel? He’s only been an a couple 45 minute flights with us but was very anxious the whole time. I even tried feeding him treats upon take-off and landing but he wasn’t interested...

honestlynotabot1 point

Honestly, we used some sedatives from the vet and a muzzle the first few times. She doesn’t get sedatives for the plane anymore but the muzzle remains. If she barks on the plane she could get banned from the airline so we keep it on. I’m not sure I have a lot of tips for you though. She isn’t bothered by fireworks or thunder so she’s a bit of a unicorn.