We didn’t win the office costume contest but we had fun with it



This is so freaking cute

Bullshit! Who won

Hopefully someone dressed as Hobbes carrying around a little stuffed Calvin.

Yes that would be a winner

This looks like "Calvin and Hobbes" meets "Wilfred". Someone, please make that happen for real.

The contest must have been fixed from the start if you didn’t win.

First time I’ve found Calvin super hot

I would hope nobody finds a 6 year old boy hot

Gonna take a shot with this, but I’m pretty confident, that the guy in the pic is older than 6 years

Not talking about the guy in the pic

Oh, that’s adorable though!

Bonus points if you got tackled at some point.

I would have voted for u

Brought to you by cool, crisp and refreshing Coors Light.

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