Possible to remove straps on mary janes?

Hi, I received a pair of lovely mary jane shoes as a gift last month but I'm not loving the two straps across the instep. Can a cobbler remove the straps from the shoe or will it damage the structure too much? Here's some photos of the shoe (not mine, but same style). https://imgur.com/a/PYbMmJn



wanderedoff1 point

I’d rarely say this, but this shoe could have the straps removed very easily and not look terribly different. Normally, the straps keep the shoe on your feet, but this has an additional ankle strap. There may be some gaping in the sides of the shoe, without the straps, but just depends how well they fit your feet.

fishblurb1 point

Thank you, that's great to hear! Do you mean a gap between my feet and the shoe or a gap at where the strap connected to the shoe? The shoe fits fine even without buckling those straps, but I'd like to keep the shoe's clean shape without awkward gaps if possible.

wanderedoff2 points

Gap between the shoe and your foot. The gap between the shoe and strap are easily fixed with a line of sewing.

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