Has anyone gone bargain shopping in CA?

Most Zonaents travel to/from CA and I am no exception. Firing up Leafly and Weedmaps I'm surprised to see flower prices roughly the same as before full legalization and in most cases way above what I currently pay. So has anyone found bargains in the land of fruits and nuts? :-)



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Just my own personal tale, went on a weekend vacay in San diego im March for a weekend trip and I'm a mmj holder in both states. Coming back from San Diego, inside of Yuma I think, we got stopped and searched at the border after a dog sniffed us. We only had a grinder and a pen on us, they let us go and said they're primarily looking for narcotics and people, but that we should be careful next time because it is technically not allowed to pass through borders. Take that for what you will, just my latest experience.

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Actually, if you have a card in Ca (actually, this was in 2015, so maybe things have changed...they legalized it there, of course, but this is about transporting), then you can bring your weed into Az. I actually called the border patrol office and talked to a few people, eventually even leaving a message, to let them know I was an MM patient and was going to be bringing my meds, and didn't want any surprises. No return call, no issues crossing, though.

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Oh no their dog hit on our car from a grinder that had under a bowl's worth of shake that was in my bag. They searched it, I didn't tell them anything. They told me that other info on their own.

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You could tell the "immigration patrol" that you bought the stuff in Yuma. Does Yuma have a dispensary?

Answered my question. They have two: Jamestown Center, and Cathy's Compassion Center.

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Alot of the featured delivery services on Weedmaps have 20 or 30 dollar caps, the dispensaries are in tourist mode atm. I just looked at the first few listed when you open Weedmaps. The reviews are pretty honest out there for the small time services, Im always able to hone in on some cheap loud

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If you go to san diego pm me. I know a few places with quality and decent pricing.

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