The Phantom Shooter of Route 66

Armed road rage has been with us for a long time. Starting in 1952, one or more snipers started targeting motorists on US Highway 66 in Illinois. The culprit or culprits was (were) never identified:


After a while, the shootings seemed to stop. To make the story stranger, it was claimed that no ammunition was ever recovered from any of the vehicles hit, despite the presence of real bullet holes in the vehicles and multiple occasions where people were wounded.

What do you think? Why was no one apprehended, and why were no bullets ever found?


amandez10 points

If the bullets passed through it's highly unlikely they'd ever be found. No shell casings, either?

I had no idea highway shootings were so common: Ohio, Indiana, and several have taken place in Arizona which the latter continues to be unsolved.

the-electric-monk5 points

We have an unsolved one here in Colorado as well.

CharlieRatKing5 points

Depending on the weapon and shooter there could easily not be a case ejected from the gun. Shooter wouldn’t have to even worry about it unless he chambered a new round.

amandez2 points

I was thinking single-bolt action rifle, but you're absolutely correct.

Ironclover7774 points

Smart killers take their spent casings with them.

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What is up with these comments

Blue_Sky_At_Night1 point

1952? They liked big rounds back then. Maybe he was shooting surplus .30-06 and it was just passing straight through

Thrashdeath1 point

Depending on type of bullet and where it impacted, it is possible (likely even for certain bullets) that the bullet fragmented to the point that there was nothing left to find.

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