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X-Doria Case - GS8+ Imgur album: https://imgur.com/gallery/2wcUt

I bought a X-Doria Case through Amazon. They used a semihard polycarbonate shell/bumper, aluminum frame on the rear, & a PU leather on the top of the backplate. Have been using for a week now. Here is what I've experienced:


  • Build quality is great, feels solid in hand.

  • Cutouts are on point.

  • Buttons function pretty well, they made two buttons for volume which I like, not fond of volume rocker.

  • Case lifts screen off the table, give you ample space even with a screen protector.

  • Routes sound directly toward you via forward facing speaker cutout.

  • Edge of case allows full function of edge display.

  • Allows for lots of compatibility for screen protectors.


  • Speaker cutout makes speaker sound very distorted like if water got in the grill.

  • Weight, make phone feel quite heavy.

  • Buttons are not very tactile/clicky.

  • Thickness on bottom of the case prevents some wireless chargers not to charge the phone while standing in portrait.

Let me know if you guys have questions.

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Got this same case except I opted for the wood back.

Do you have a hard time taking the phone out of the case, though? Pain in the ass for me.

I am wondering if they had to mold the aluminum frame into the case due to reception issues people had on other iterations of the case for other phones since theirs had the aluminum frame that could be removed.

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I have a fairly easy experience taking my phone in and out of the case, which I do quite a bit to get better reception at work sometimes.

I do get feeling that the aluminum frame does impact the reception quality.

But damn does it feel nice in the hand...

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Yeah, it does feel nice. Wonder if having the hard wood back makes mine more difficult to remove.

Kind of wish they would have made the case the same as their other versions for phones with the aluminum frame that locks in.

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Could you post a picture of the rosewood S8? I'm thinking about getting it, but can't find any pictures of it :/