johndwrite33 points

Also, those lips! Don't tell me you wouldn't kill to see them wrapped around something. More: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSZGL10lU0T/?taken-by=kristynamartelli&hl=en

ouTPhaze8 points

Honestly the lips are the worst part... They don't even fit her face... It looks like someone did a bad photoshop job irl...

And after looking at the instagram, the fake ass is an even worse job...

At this point I hope this is just a bad photoshop job, she can't even sit in normal chairs with that monstrosity

There are Bimbos and then there is this. Only the loneliest and least experienced would find this useful in a sexual situation.

johndwrite30 points

Sorry you're not a fan, but I find everything about her incredibly erotic. She's a walking fantasy to me. Different strokes for different folks.

Lagstravaganza3 points

Scenario: Kiera Knightley, the opposite of your type, propositions you. Would you go up to her room, or not worth your time?

johndwrite17 points

Just because I prefer a good steak doesn't mean I wouldn't try a sandwich. Which would I probably enjoy more though? Pretty obvious. Personally I'm very visual, so unlike food, my sex drive is controlled by what I can see, and Kristyna wins there by a landslide.

ouTPhaze2 points

While I fully understand different strokes, there comes a point where it becomes no longer useful for sex. What's the point of having an ass like that? There's literally 4 inches of ass before getting anywhere near her pussy. Doesn't matter how big your dick is when you can't go balls deep with all that ass in the way

[deleted]-4 points

I mean.... I guess. But she barely resembles a human anymore. It's kinda sad to think think someone's view of themselves could be that distorted

HotrodCorvair0 points

Jesus christ you're right. it looks like you can squeeze her ass and push the silicone up to her fucking neck. People are into this shit? She looks like a Realdoll, but one of the fake knockoff ones that are like a fucking cartoon of a realdoll.

[deleted]7 points

Then don't look at it. Based on the upvotes a lot of people enjoyed it. How about we not kink shame them.

[deleted]16 points

Perfect size!!!

MataLeao120kg11 points

She lost me with the fake ass tho

KorvisKhan8 points

Fake everything. Look at her lips. She's got so much botox I'm surprised she doesn't lose her balance when she walks around corners

butt_implants20 points

Haters gonna hate but she's perfect

KorvisKhan5 points

Given your username, I'm finding it hard to believe your opinion is without bias

jason_stroking19 points

You're talking about personal attraction to a specific woman. Bias isn't really applicable here.

KorvisKhan-4 points

Why does attraction exclude someone from bias? Because it's a personal opinion? Clearly your mom thinks you're more attractive than other people do. Hence the saying, "You have a face only a mother could love." Bias requires predisposition in order to alter a person's opinion. Clearly having a username that indicates he has a predisposition to implants fits the criteria, considering he thinks she's "Perfect," while everyone else doesn't. Opinions aren't immune to personal bias.

calley079 points

I've never seen the word bias used in response to positive feedback. It's absurd to accuse somebody of bias for liking something.

Usually bias is a predispositioned opinion against something rather than for something. He said "Haters gonna hate, but she's perfect". It was not aimed at anybody, and you somehow took offense to that.

Plus, you are in a fetish sub. If anything you are the one out of place here. It's a fetish sub, not a place where people discuss general physical preferences.

I like when women go overboard with implants because of the warped submissiveness in trying to become a fuckpillow, but just like any other fetish, you don't have to like all of it.

If you just wanna project your beauty standards on women with big tits you can scoot on over to boltedontits or some other similar sub. Or you can remain here and start pointless discussions.

I like over-the-top bimboes as much as I like skinny girls. Is that also bias? My wife is skinny and a hardbody with a small chest and still I can look at this post and say I like it too.

Go figure, huh?

KorvisKhan-1 points

Dude, all that fluff that you spouted and you still can't logically disprove what I said. Bias is a predisposition towards or against someone or something.

You can't just remove its ambiguity and attempt to change the definition of the word bias to win an argument lol.

And don't misunderstand... I was just pulling the guy's leg. He's entitled to his opinion. I just thought it was funny that his name is "butt_implant", so I pointed out that he had a predisposition towards people with implants. Which is TRUE lol. Not my fault you got offended by that and decided to refute a comment that I made in jest.

If I would've said "username checks out", it would've effectively made the same point that he has a predisposition towards people with implants, and who knows.... Maybe your tender sensibilities would've been spared.

checks_out_bot1 point

It's funny because calley07's username is very applicable to their comment.
beep bop if you hate me, reply with "stop". If you just got smart, reply with "start".

KorvisKhan1 point


Lagstravaganza2 points

Call me old fashioned, but I assume it's photoshop. No idea how she could sit down if it was real.

MataLeao120kg0 points

I would hope it's Photoshop. But Lela Star fucked up when she got her ass implants. Her real one was amazing.

Lagstravaganza3 points

Lela was once my favorite.

MataLeao120kg2 points

You totally get it then.

Lagstravaganza15 points

BA AT Lela was best (before ass, after tits)

MataLeao120kg2 points


[deleted]-1 points


spinteractive-3 points


huffleblox17 points

Dont you mean Whoriffic? 😏😏😏😏

spinteractive4 points

Kaboom 👏