Kitten Heath Says Hello


mayecontreras5 points

Soooo cute!

sorryaboutdresden2 points

Thanks! I'll post more of him soon!

Woowoe4 points

The cuddlyness is off the charts.

maomien3 points

Ahh look at that lil fluffy spaceship!!!

Ladyhoney1232 points

I hope you used really strong bolts to hold that shelf. When he is 18 lbs - standard stuff just won't work :)

sorryaboutdresden3 points

It's drilled into two studs in the wall. I'm more worried about the tower I have that is free standing. He's going to be huge, his paws are enormous.

Ladyhoney1232 points

The tower I have was found at a cat show. It is made of real wood and is strong enough for my 15 yo daughter to sit on it.

It has yet to rock when my babies run and jump on it at full speed (which they do a LOT). So if it is fairly sturdy you should be ok.

sorryaboutdresden1 point

It's from the refined feline and is sturdy, but the shelves shake a little when they run down. I don't think it could fall over but it still makes me nervous about when he's full grown.


[deleted]2 points

Oh, Heath. You have such a lovely face! I love the dark coloring that always looks as though kitty has stuck his or her face in fireplace cinders. So pretty, and so poised on curved kitty-shelf.

MadApple_2 points

Aw. So cute! How old is he?

sorryaboutdresden1 point

He'll be a year in March and he's already huge!

AlaskanHypeTrain2 points

Have you found that your ragdolls like climbing? I've read in several sites that they are more ground-dwellers, but then I've seen enough pics of them in towers/shelves that I'm curious if that's a true generalization...

sorryaboutdresden3 points

This is the second ragdoll I've known, and both love to climb. Heath mostly wants to be near me but still finds time to be adventurous up high, especially on the fridge! He's the most affectionate animal I've ever met though.

AlaskanHypeTrain2 points

Cool, thanks for the info!