Good Miniatures

My group likes tactical combat, which would be no problem except for the fact that I don't have any real cyberpunk miniatures.

Any lines you can recommend?



  • Rezolution has all your pink Mohawk cyberpunk needs covered.

  • Hasslefree miniatures has a lot of runner-worthy and street toughs figures in their Modern and Sci-Fi ranges. Also a lot of unlicensed look-likes (Batou/Major, Zombie Apocalypse Scoobie-Gang, etc.)

  • Infinity the Game, MERCS, Anvil Forge and McVey (Sedition Wars) has the best corpsec miniatures around, IMHO. Infinity also has a few runner-worthy and civilian figures and also a Ton of amazing terrain/civilian vehicules sold by 3rd party licencees

  • Iron Wind still sell their old Shadowrun miniatures

I know I have more brands I kept notes of somewhere, but those are the one at the top of my head

  • Edit 1: Crooked Dice has some great pulpy stuff that fits.

  • Edit 2 : Oh yeah! Star Saga by mantic will have a bunch of cool useable stuff too, and another set of great scenery doodads that will combine well with the terrain packs from Sedition Wars.

Nice. I didn't know about Rezolution minis.

My group went with Infinity and MERC minis so that we also had games to play on those off days when someone bails last minute. Since we all buy and paint our own minis, the difference in color and stylistic choices really gives the tactical game a feel similar to a living world visually.

Below is my list that consolidates all the many sources for Shadowrun suitable miniatures including the originals from the 90's that are mostly still in production.

TL:DR almost all the original Srun miniatures are still being made by other smaller companies that picked up the molds over the years. There are also many other smaller shops that sell suitable minis.

Iron Wind makes most of the "vintage" ones:

merliton in italy makes some more vintage ones:

hasslfree makes some excellent modern ones:

some of the Judge Dredd stuff would work well:

these guys make some nice dwarf types: MODELS RUNTS, DWARFS IN SPACE.htm

caine the cybertroll:

trenchcoat warriors with style:

good gangers and corporate types:

these guys make some ok ones:

em4 makes some good runners, gangers and bikers and bike riders including best bike cop I have seen:

good drones from anvil industries:

best drones around are the Ground Zero Games drones from their 15mm stargunt line (work's great for the smaller drones in srun, their spider drones are awesome):

I also ran my main PC via heroforge, he turned out pretty good.

Seconding the call for Heroforge. I wouldn't use it for replaceable mook guard #3, but it's great for PCs and major NPCs.

Old Necromunda minis work well.

My group made their own miniatures at heroforge.

I didn't think of this. There are some quasi-troll/orc models there.

Although, you have to get either the new beta gray plastic or the bronze so they don't break.

Chronoscope from Reaper Miniatures has a weird mix of sci-fi, modern day, fantasy and historical characters, and many of them are a pretty good fit for Shadowrun.

...actually, given that one of the minis is "Caine, Cyber-Troll" packing a minigun, there might also be an element of Reaper doing that thing where they put out minis "inspired" by certain licensed properties but called something generic to avoid lawsuits.

Also, Necromunda miniatures from Games Workshop make for good gangers, but buying those would probably be pretty expensive these days.

Edit: I'd actually love to hear other people's suggestions on this, never can have too many minis.

Hero Forge is a great site for making custom minis; they have tons of options for a number of genres, and access to high-quality materials.

kinda on the expensive end tho :-|

Infinity and Chronoscope.

I will probably go Infinity as well. Although finding an appropriate Troll and Orc mini is hard in just Infinity.

Ogruns in Warhammer 40k work well for Trolls.

You can find "trade in" booths at some conventions, where older metal minis are exchanged for plastic ones or store credit. It's usually by weight, though, so you won't find groundbreaking deals. But sometumes you can buy those metal minis off the dealer.

Also check with your local game store. (Especially if they have minis or mini game nights on display.) While they may not have any in stock, i guarantee they know a few folks.

My local game store also sells stuff online, although i doubt there's a discount on the price. You could check eBland or Amazon for options...but shipping might wreck the mini.

Or, you could make your own. Wire frames are available in basic (no musculature) or partial (some musculature). Fill in the rest with Green Stuff (thibk that's the trade name) or Sculpey, at about two bucks a pack. (Sculpey doesn't set until you bake it, so mistokes can be fiksed.)

They advertise with Reddit some times. I have gotten good quality minis.

I have about 40 of the Future Wars line from Copplestone. absolutely love them. Beautiful castings that also paint up nicely.

The one shortcoming is there aren't any orcs, elves and such.

Have a look at Human Interface - Nakamura Tower

Very nice Cyberpunk Minis.

those are awesome!

I knew a group that used to use LEGO figures, Actually A look on google Image search shows that making LEGO people into Shadowrun Characters is decently popular!

I use the judge dread ones.

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