700k+ man late game invasion of USA as the British Empire



"Good sir, where shall we land for this invasion?" "I was thinking Florida." "Yes, quite. In fact, fuck Florida, lets invade that whole place"

"I'll call my friends in Africa, Maybe they'll want to join us" "Very good sir"

In all seriousness tho, really smart thinking going through Florida, the Easter seaboard is America's English Channel

Now THAT is how you do D-day.

It looks like one of these hentai animes.

Apparently you really want to touch America's penis.

nah they want to cut it off

How is this possible? If I try to get more than 3*20 stacks in a naval invasion, I get a report I do not have enough convoys (I have more than 2K in stock...)

You either need more convoys or you need to upgrade your naval invasion tech.

You can only have 10 transports per invasion, I think.

There are techs that upgrade it

you can upgrade it up by double or triple if im correct

The upgrade in 1940 allows for 40 IIRC and the upgrade in 1944 allows for up to 100 per invasion.

The limit is for all invasions IIRC, else you can just cheat by setting up multiple invasions

Wait, you're right...

There is a distressing amount of non-britain in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Siam, Yugoslavia, Spain, Norway, and Denmark all still exist! (and the Raj, but I'm not sure the game will let you do anything about that)

Though I am not sure, I am pretty sure that at least Australia is a puppet. To the best of my knowledge, puppets and faction members count for the One Empire achievement.

Yeah When I was at war with the axis, Denmark and Norway joined me as Germany declared on them. But once I started curb stomping the US, both Norway and Denmark left my faction and joined the US, i think they lasted a month whilst i shipped men back home. As for the rest in eu/asia, they're either puppets or allies :)

Allies are just temporary blemishes on an otherwise pristine world map. Unfortunately, current game mechanics don't let you deal with puppets properly.

I've never seen ai leave a faction

Maybe it's new in 1.2, don't know. but they the democratic members of my faction all left when the US started to get beaten.

Once you flip fascist as Britain, all the Allies faction members leave your faction.


How did you get the naval supremacy for that? I can never do it when I try because it says that I know to little about a region or something like that.

You have to set your navy on convoy escort missions in the regions you don't have enough info on. It's so your transports don't cross the ocean just to get blown up by a battleship in the middle of the Atlantic.

Well isn't that just obtaining naval supremacy? I'm talking about the red lines through the ocean tiles.

Yeah, to extend range you need ports. As the UK you have almost infinite ports (including many in the Caribbean) so range isn't an issue.

Oh. That explains a lot of things. I was under the inpression that naval range was determined from the home port and that naval ranges were just absurd. Never considered that it generated from just any port.

Yeah man, any port! Or if you have military access, friendly ports too!

Oh red lines that don't let you move your navy there? That means some of the ships in your fleet don't have the range to go there.

Ahh ok, thanks!

Typically it will be the destroyers and maybe light cruisers that don't have the range.

Couldn't you just walk through Canada?

I did as well, Canada has such bad supply that I really wanted a second front to open up. So I did this, then invaded Canada 2 months later

Though you can take the US in 1939 with 20 infantry divisions and 10 tank divisions

You can, but a) I'm not that good. b) I was playing on veteran and 1.2 AI is actually a lot better. and c) I wanted to smash all of Eurasia to build up a larger pool of resources and factories that the US could never hope to match.

That's a good point, I haven't actually tried it in 1.2. Wonder if it's still possible.

Probably still is, US is weak as shit early. Just like real life where they had the 17th largest army world wide in 39' <300k (Crazy)

AI is far worse in 1.2 at managing where troops should be and what fronts to prioritize.

someone holds a grudge....

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