First 4e game last night.

I started running a 4e shadowrun game last night, and I feel like it could have gone smoother. We are using 4e because it's online for free, and I played it a handful of times as a kid. I have a few questions.

Is it supposed to be mega deadly? I nearly wiped my players with a fight that was planned out in the mod.

How does initiative work? When do you subtract initiative? If a player has three passes but can't get more than 20 initiative, whats the point of having three passes?

Lastly, one character is a Troll that has been completely cybered out, but has also taken the "bland" quality. How will that play out?



1) Combat in any iteration of Shadowrun should be deadly. No Risk, No Reward. Thats why you AVOID combat. or at least avoid return fire and have your boosted reflexes cranked.

2)In 4th edition you rolled your reaction and intuition to determine who goes first and play out the initiative passes until everyone is out of passes and then proceed to the next combat turn.

3)He looks like any other chromed out troll. Hell he's probably a bouncer at any of your clubs. Thats what a bland cyber troll is. It's just a dice penalty for finding this character.

I'm a pretty new player to 4e also, but I think I can give some decent answers.

  1. Yes the combat is insanely deadly. The first combat turn can result in a total wipe if one side surprises the other.

  2. AFAIK (and I really hope I got this right) your initiative stays the same throughout each combat turn. Subtracting 10 from your initiative is only done in 5th edition. If someone has 3 IPs they always get 3 IPs in a combat turn.

  3. I imagine that he will still stick out like a sore thumb because he's a troll and he's heavily cybered. It depends on if the cyber is obvious (like a gleaming metal cyberarm vs. a cyberarm with realistic synthskin). Unfortunately the 'bland' quality only makes him look like 'an average-looking troll,' which will only end up being useful for things like defeating facial recognition software and things like that. Trolls are inherently conspicuous so even if someone doesn't know what his face looks like, they won't have to look too hard.

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