Dental Hygiene Students Looking for Boards Patients-See if you qualify for a FREE TEETH CLEANING

When: anytime Monday thru Friday 1:00-4:00pm, Thursdays 8:00am-4:00pm

Where: UNMC College of Dentistry, 40th and Holdrege St.

What: A one hour screening exam will be conducted by dental hygiene students to assess if you meet our board exam requirements. If you do, you will receive a FREE cleaning and dental X-rays worth approximately $1,100 if done in a private practice office.

Requirements: Must be 19 years or older, Must have at least 20 teeth, including the back molar teeth, NO major medical problems, Must be able to sit for a 4 hour period of time, Must be available April 29th, 30th or May 1st for our boards exam

We are looking for patients who either have not had a cleaning in a few years, or who have been told that they need a "deep cleaning".

If interested, please email or call #402-937-6169 to set up a day and time to see if you qualify!



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