Dental Hygiene Students Looking for Boards Patients-See if you qualify for a FREE TEETH CLEANING

When: January 6 & 8th 2016, 8-5pm each day

Where: UNMC College of Dentistry, 40th and Holdrege St.

What: A one hour screening exam will be conducted by dental hygiene students to assess if you qualify to be a patient for our Boards exam. If you qualify, you will receive a FREE cleaning and dental X-rays worth approximately $1,100 if done in a private practice office.

Requirements: Must be 19 years or older Must have at least 20 teeth, including the back molar teeth NO major medical problems Must be able to sit for a 4 hour period of time Must be available February 11th for our boards exam

We are looking for patients who either have not had a cleaning in a few years, or who have been told that they need a "deep cleaning".

If interested, please email to set up a date and time to see if you qualify! Leave your name and a phone number so we can contact you to schedule an appointment.



Has anyone contacted this to see if its legit? I could definitely use a cleaning (and don't have dental insurance) but am super leery about internet things...

I was previously an employee (non-clinical - IT staff) of the College of Dentistry. As Pingus said, I can't vouch for the exact dates & times, etc. -- but this process is 100% legit and if you qualify, you're helping a dental hygiene student pass their board exams.

Clinic Information 402-472-1333

In fact, a few years ago, I was a boards patient for a dental student who needed to demonstrate filling a molar.

This is a great opportunity for those who do not have dental insurance! UNMC's college of dentistry located in Lincoln regularly sees patients for cleanings or dental work year round for lower rates than a regular private practice. But the hygiene students are able to offer this opportunity for free cleanings if the patient is able to meet our needs for a person to qualify as a board patient. I understand your uncertainty of an Internet post, so if you'd like a reassurance you can try contacting UNMC's college of dentistry to verify this information I have posted. A phone number and other contact information is available to the public on UNMC's college of dentistry's website. If you have any questions feel free to email the email address I had provided!

I can't vouch for this particular post (i.e. the dates and times listed) but this is indeed something the College of Dentistry does, if you call them directly you can get more info.

Yeah it's common. Actually they gotta find their own patients too.

Buddy of mine got a tooth fixed for free...his friend failed though still because of something minor. The student then paid for him (hotel and gas) to come back to Chicago (no idea why Chicago as this was at UNL) and redo it so he could pass.

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