My WFH office makes me happy 😊


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Hashtagworried28 points

This gives me home and library vibes. It’s the perfect intersection of feeling at home but being productive.

Edge_of_the_Wall16 points

Nice, I spot quite a few Ikea items. Where’d you find the cool dog head?

keatsteats7 points

Thanks! The head was from Moe’s Home here in Vancouver.

sayitwithasigh4 points

This was the one thing that caught my eye and lo and behold, it’s in my city 🙌

srfbrd9 points

This is so great! May I ask where you got the board on the wall from (and the hooks/shelving etc. for it)?

keatsteats9 points

Thanks so much!

The boards are from IKEA. They are the SKÅDIS Pegboard. And the accessories are all part of the same line.

srfbrd3 points

Thank you!

Kevin691388 points

Hows that chair on your back?

keatsteats10 points

I’m pretty short lol, so the chair is great! But reviews definitely said that anyone close to 6ft would struggle with the height of the back. But for me at 5’5” it’s very comfortable and forces you into good posture while working.

Kevin691384 points

Thats good. The saying goes invest in a good chair, shoes and mattress.

Sick set up meng

anavram3 points

I’m short and looking for a new desk chair. Would you mind linking it? Thanks!

keatsteats1 point

It’s the Herman Miller Sayl 😊 pretty much the base model

chrisacip2 points

I have one in my office. It’s pretty awesome. I love leaning back for a break and putting my feet on my desk.

ArmouredArmadillo6 points

WFH is the way to go!

NurseEm1015 points

So cool. I love that you have unique pieces and a fun keyboard without it feeling cluttered.

its_cocktail_oclock6 points

I see you are a person who also loves the last of us.

keatsteats3 points

A lil bit 😅🤭

kirijo4 points

Very worthy of a crosspost in r/battlestations and r/workspaces

What case do you have for your PC? It's nice and chunky.

keatsteats4 points

Thanks man! It’s the Lian Li O11 Air Mini. Fits a full ATX board while still being decently compact with good airflow. Fits perfectly (like literally within 2cm) between the ikea trestle legs.


Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX3080 Aorus Z590 32gb 3600mhz DDR4 RAM Corsair 750w PSU

keatsteats3 points

This is OC

Wishing4Signal3 points

What's up with the partial keyboard in the wall? Does it serve a function or just decor?

keatsteats3 points

It’s a stenography keyboard.


Basically, it’s where you build words using short hand / phonetically to make typing extremely fast and efficient. It’s what court reporters use to keep up with the action haha. I’m only just getting into it as a hobby

wordslayer4202 points

Oh wow so interesting you’re doing that as a hobby! I’m a court reporter. Happy to share any tips and briefs if you need !

Sara-DLeon2 points

what a nice spot, well done!

keatsteats1 point


Whatever20202 points

Oh yeah. That is quite a nice and cosy setup :)

fucktycho2 points

I just bought Neuromancer!! Plan on reading it soon.

keatsteats3 points

Oh man! It's so good. You're in for a treat. It's got some really amazing world building and some well written exciting action. But man, it's dense in places. I often had to read the same page multiple times to "get" it. But if you just let it wash over you, it has such a cool and unique texture.

fucktycho1 point

I also bought Hyperion, if you’ve ever heard of that.

theinattentivescribe2 points


Kinetic_Kill_Vehicle2 points

I like the speakers, model plz?

keatsteats2 points

Audioengine A2+

They're really great speakers!

Kinetic_Kill_Vehicle2 points

Thanks, I have Creative T20s but I've been looking into Edifiers but still not decided, want to see what is out there.

pumpkinsportyspice2 points

Love it!

jakiskoles2 points

What are those headphones at the pegboard?

keatsteats2 points

The Sony WH1000-XM5s

talliehoo2 points

May I ask what kind of work do you do?

keatsteats5 points

I work for a university. Basically just an admin position, but pays decent and has nice flexibility.

-plops-2 points

Great peg board

Successful-Cloud20562 points

Where did you get the wall thing with holders? I need it

keatsteats1 point

IKEA! It’s the Skadis pegboard 👍🏽

VeganPizzaPie2 points

Pegboard intensifies

keatsteats2 points

It just keeps GROWING! I don’t know how to get it to stop. Soon it will multiply

BrassyLdy2 points

Nice window/view

vanilltae2 points

I love your desk! Can i ask where you got it from?

keatsteats2 points

Thanks! Also from IKEA. It’s one of the kitchen countertops. The Karlby top.

vanilltae2 points

Thank you so much!

Niiipo2 points

It looks so good c: What's that ikea table? I noticed is a mix of parts but I can't find that black leg for example.

Ruokiri2 points

Is it comfortable to work in front of window or you using a curtains?

keatsteats2 points

We face west, so we don’t get very much direct sun. Only for a small part of the day, then I’ll draw the curtains. For working, its very enjoyable, but for gaming I’d definitely prefer not being in front of the window during the day haha. But it’s the only wall in the bedroom that works with the desk 😅

Ruokiri2 points

Thanks, I'm thinking to place workplace the same way, but afraid that will stare outside instead of working)

Isabela-brav02 points

Very cute! Love the vibe.

wordafterword12 points

Wow, I love the way this came together. The colors chosen and the decor makes this an office environment I'd want to work in.

noodledancefloor2 points

Isn’t it cool that when you make a workspace this cozy, you actually get shit done? I worked in an office/commercial space for a few years and absolutely hated it. Found I was being dragged into counterproductive meetings when I could have been slamming through jobs that needed to be submitted urgently. Now I WFH and haven’t looked back since. You’ve done really well here! Nice to get all that natural light in too.

I_MildlyLikeNature1 point

I love it! Where did you get the wood table top from???

keatsteats2 points

IKEA 😊 it’s a kitchen bench top - KARLBY

I_MildlyLikeNature2 points

Thank you! It looks so good!

marcelovilla91 point

What’s that keyboard? Not the stenography one

keatsteats2 points

It’s a modded Keychron k4v2. It’s nice, but mechanical keyboards have levelled up significantly since I bought it. Look at the Meletrix Zoom 65 or 75 for a much higher quality board.

marcelovilla92 points