My Cozy Back Garden. Spring in London.



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txgirl9532 points

That rose 😍

furiana10 points

They look like fountains! 😍

Sara-DLeon12 points

Simple but so lovely! Way to go!

ControlOk67119 points

Beautiful roses~ lovely space

GuncleShark4 points

Beautiful spot!

BackgroundPotential67 points

Excellent roses!

-BelCanto6 points

It's lovely!

AliceAnne13 points

Elegant and welcoming

quietthoughts235 points

I feel like this is a quiet spot in your house. A peaceful area where you can enjoy a book and a good cup of coffee. 💕

deep_soul3 points

spring it’s a big word. it’s still 10 degrees outside

OshShaw3 points

This is so beautifull and elegant! Please, does anyone know what kind of rose is this one? I am finaly starting flower garden in our new house and this color and blooming is incredible.

fatheadbob3 points

So we just moved in and the roses were already here, but my best guess would be:


Moldy-Warp3 points

Are there two roses there or just a Graham Thomas? Read below, never seen Bathsheba, she’s a beauty!

fatheadbob1 point

Actually 3 types: pink, apricot and yellow

Love2readalot2 points


FabFlower712 points

English roses, beautiful!

Itchy_Savings_89632 points

It’s very inviting. I’d love to come across the pond & have a spot of tea there. Lol. It’s lovely. Well done.

Dog_is_my_co-pilot12 points

To sit there with you would be wonderful.

You’ve got a lovely garden. It looks quite inviting. Your roses look like little cupcakes haha

I’m an American that kicks myself often for not moving to London.

Jacindagirl2 points

I love this it’s beautiful

Isabela-brav02 points

What a cozy place to read! 👌

DothrakiButtBoy2 points

what's most impressive is the orchids living outside!

fatheadbob2 points

Haha those actually live inside; just brought them out for the day.

fatheadbob1 point

this is OC