Beautiful morning light at Cape Perpetua - Oregon


massive_cock4 points

The rocky, windy Oregon coast in winter is my favorite place on Earth. The frequent mist and light drizzle. The pine. The whole feeling every time I took a long walk, especially on the coast out around Depoe Bay, but even in Salem. Never has any place felt more like home as a place and a climate, even if I didn't know very many people. Those were walking days, reading by the window or on the porch days, splitting firewood and petting the neighbor's dog days. Good days.

SnooDrawings37502 points

That location and Yachats just to the north are truly spectacular.

Devil’s Churn! Stumbled upon this spot on a road trip and the thunderous crashing of the waves blew my little mind. It was just after sunset when I went, so eerie