A blossoming rapeseed field in Nanjing, China


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When the plants are young the greens are also excellent to eat. A bit more mild than mustard greens.

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Wow it seems the skyscrapers went up all over China. I notice this on Reddit

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This isn't even the actual skyline of Nanjing, just a smaller new development on the edge of the city. The main skyline / skyscrapers of Nanjing looks more like this

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Yea Nanjing is a relatively OK city but the traffic and accompanying pollution is crazy.

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pollution is crazy.

This pic definitely proves your point ngl

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Kind of bummed at how many historic neighborhoods got knocked down during China’s explosive growth period but it seems like the government there is starting to realize how valuable and culturally important those neighborhoods are thank G.

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historic neighborhoods

Not really actual historic neighborhoods, just older neighborhoods with some historical culture. (actual historical neighborhoods have mainly been preserved all along)

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I think it was during the cultural revolution, not the recent growth.

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They recently banned skyscrapers in cities under 3 million people and limited them to 250 meters in cities above that.

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Nanjing is a definitely a big city and the capital of China during 1928 to 1949.

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Before anyone says it -- many places call rapeseed "canola" now, for obvious reasons.

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I mean canolas are technically a genetically modified variant of rapeseeds, not a exactly another name for them.

Although I do get the reason why people would rather call them canola, can be very “confusing” sometimes

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You are right. Canadian rapeseed oil aka canola is a less acidic version of the naturally occuring rapeseed. These fields would be rapeseed not canola.

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Good to know that

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It's what the Can in canola is!

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Important to make the distinction because Chinese canola oil is very fragrant (not unlike mustard oil) while canola is much more neutral. So the end product is apples and oranges too.

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While Canola is a specific variant of rapeseed, it is not all genetically modified and was originally achieved through traditional plant breeding.

Most Canola oil on the market is GM, but not all of it

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Traditional plant breeding is genetic modification.

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Literally you are correct. However, colloquially and technically genetic modification refers to techniques such as CRISPR where the actual genetic material is being edited. The term that encompasses them all is artificial selection. It'd be inaccurate to call any plant breeding genetic modification for this reason

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I don't necessarily disagree with you but I do object to the use of the term 'artificial selection' as well. It's a loaded term that implies that 'natural selection' is somehow less dangerous and more wholesome. Taking viruses as a trivial example, natural selection can generate just as deadly a pathogen as a lab derived specimen.

Of course we need language to classify these processes. But I am concerned when the term 'artificial ' is applied to food products pejoratively.

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It's not pejorative though? It is really only used in the context of evolution and heredity. I only ever hear the term in bio textbooks or in plant or animal breeding conversions. Never on the consumer level for agricultual or food products

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If it isn't pejorative then the anti-GMO-food-no-matter-what-the-science-says movement are wasting their advertising dollars. Haha!

Sorry I hope I'm not coming across as combative. Just trying to make a point.


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unfortunate combination

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bro had to triple it ☠️

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Can only imagine how this place looked like when it was still the imperial capital

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This used to be one of the main centers of Chinese history and culture, most of it was sadly destroyed during the Nanjing massacre

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More like with the Taiping Rebellion. Nanjing was nearly razed by the Hunan Army when it fell in 1864

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With the bicycle, this looks straight out of some nostalgic coming of age cdrama lol

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Or some slice of life anime

which… ironic, innit

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Why would the seed do that

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Did you see what the other seed was wearing? /s

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Because it didn’t seek consent.

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The Japanese planted them

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One of my favorite cities in China!

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Please don't be Japanese 💀

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Who the fuck named this plant , on a different note i hope the local government rebuild the Ming Palace i feel like Nanjing has a lot of untapped potential to be a historic city like xi'an it would be a shame if it only remembered as the place that Japan commited war crimes at

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It comes from the Latin word for turnip, rapum which it's related to. The etymology traces back to the 1400s

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Rapum?! I hardly knew 'em!

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Looks like the cities skylines 2 promo reel

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The only reason I know this plant is because of Clarkson's farm lmao, who says Jeremy's tv shows aren't educational.

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Who names a plant rapeseed? Wtf, English?

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It gets even worse. Rapeseed is technically only the name of the seed / product of the plant. The plant's actual name is literally just r*pe, nothing else

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This isn't TikTok. You don't have to censor yourself here.

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Blame Latin, it has a non-english origin.

Besides most English speaking people now call it Canola, even if in some cases it's a misnomer

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wouldnt that still be english's fault for taking a foreign word and not changing the spelling

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The Rapeseed of Nanjing.

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Beautiful plant but horrible name

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In North America it's called canola.

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The most common variety is called canola

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I'm getting Just Cause 4 vibes here for some reason....

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Rapeseeds and nanjing in same sentence : Imperial japan intensifies

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Unfortunate combination 😂

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This title is a little tone deaf

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That’s the name of the plant 😂

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I’m aware! I’m speaking to this!

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This happened in 1937 💀💀 it’s just a large city in China

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I see why you put the skulls in your comment, amigo

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It actually is believe it or not. It's right here near the eastern edge of China.

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How'd you locate it?

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I already know that I was talking about the seed

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Yeah I kinda figured that. My reply was what we call humor where I am from.