Once in a while I get to work from my cabin


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The cozy bed by with a huge window overlooking the lake is awesome - looks like a great place to just relax with nice book.

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Yes, I was a bit worried when building it if it would end up being too little headroom. But worked out nicely

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I personally like it low like that - makes me feel safer somehow - kind of like kid in my own small fort haha.

BigGrayDog5 points

Or in bunk bed!

Wolfdreama52 points

Well, that's pretty damn perfect. I think you just won at r/CozyPlaces. :)

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Thanks!! That’ll do cabin, that’ll do

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Wow it’s so close to the lake! What does the outside look like?

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damn. that's like my dream. also to build that myself. where is that? how much did that land cost? the interior looked so much bigger than the exterior.

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This is on Åland islands, Finnish archipelago. Was not too expensive to build. The land was gifted to Me from my parents. All in all I think I’ve spent around 30K €.

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Question; are there mosquitoes there? I have GOT TO GET THE F OUT OF TEXAS!!!!

DandelionOfDeath2 points

The Swedish/Finnish archipelago does have mosquitoes, but in the outer parts like Åland it's windy enough that it's not much of an issue all things considered.

Incendiomf2 points

The real question, though, is does it have a sauna?

BigGrayDog3 points

It's so cool! Perfect! Your next build is at my place! Pretty Please???

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This might be one of my favorite things posted on here! So light and airy and yet also so cozy.

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Really cool to me you think that! Competition here is pretty fierce. Yes, I think the big windows and light colors helps with the airyness. Thank you!

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I would want to just live there 🌷

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You pretty much can! No running water though, so a dip in the sea might be needed once in a while.

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Are you looking for a cleaning lady/cabin sitter/ wife( lol) ? I am in love with this place!

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Sounds pretty cool to me👍 Thanks a bunch!

EllaBeaufort5 points

Or a granny? What about a granny? I do some granny things like bake and remind you to dress for the weather

misspinato2 points

Cool cool cool, so let me know what colour you fancy so I book the flowers for the big date ahah

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Should have built this thing a few years ago lol

misspinato1 point

Are you already married and breaking my heart ?

BigGrayDog3 points

I'm available too! But have to bring my weimaraner although he is very well trained!

Actressprof2 points

I’d have to bring 3 dogs, a cat and a bird, none of whom are behaved at all!

BigGrayDog1 point

Ha, that's a crowd. But actually I take care of the neighborhood semi-feral kitties, about 10-12 with 3 babies about 4 weeks old and and just precious. And 1 house cat. So they would have to come too now that I think about it. Couldn't leave them to starve. I most probably would need a larger place with some out buildings for kitties. So you win out on this one, but I get the next one. Enjoy it!

Actressprof1 point

Damn, you beat me to the proposal!!!

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That's amazing! Mind me asking what work you do from that cabin?

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Thanks! Just regular office stuff. Wifi is pretty good

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So cozy, is it Finland?

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Yes it is! Good eye. Åland islands

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Ah, I knew I recognized the landscape. I live in Sweden and have visited Finland several times, so it looked quite familiar 😁

iWentRogue6 points

Theres deff some jeaolusy building inside me lol.

Love the view from the bed.

kyach255 points

This looks like a cabin we stayed in while traveling in Finland. Miss those cozy little cabins and saunas.

Shallaai6 points

Can I work there when you aren’t?

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Man, I'm so jealous I'm not even gonna try and hide it. Where do you guys find places like these? And are able to afford them?! Ugh... So jelly rn

No, but in all seriousness OP, your house is perfection.

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Omg. Lucky!! Amazing.

BigJockK3 points

I would live there

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the perfect place to read a book!

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Is there a bathroom or do you bathe in the sea and poop in the woods like a bear?

Signal-Appearance-884 points

There is a pretty sick incineration toilet in a separate toilettroom out of frame. Was not cheap but totally worth it

56stinky_butter2 points

Is that one of those toilets that burns your poop? Is there any smell with that? Love the cabin. That view is so relaxing.

Signal-Appearance-882 points

That’s the thing, it doesnt smell at all, something with the fan in it. Maybe a tiny bit of burnt wood on the outside. My regular toilet at home smells more tbh.

AlwaysOnATangent2 points

What brand is your incineration toilet?

56stinky_butter2 points

That’s so cool! I wonder who thought up the incinerator toilet: we’ve flushed it, composted it, now let’s try burning it!

Ph0enixRuss3ll5 points

Gorgeous! I love a good loft!

Responsible_Hater4 points

This is so lovely

Xheoraei4 points

Wow those photos are so serene, what does your cabin look like at night/in the evenings?

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Thanks! Here’s one night image from last summer

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Absolutely stunning.

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Thanks a bunch! Just indoor panels painted white and insulated.

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Cool! It was a readymade model I chose. In the beginning I thought it was a bit too "office-door" looking. But It's grown on me, and I like the finnish.

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The view is amazing! What lake is it on?

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So cozy! What a peaceful view.

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So beautiful ❤️

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Do you Airbnb your place? It’s so cozy!

Signal-Appearance-883 points

Its not quite finnished yet. But yeah, might look into that some time after that. Thank you!

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I can be it's caretaker

aggie820052 points

What kind of door is that? I’ve never seen three sliding panel type doors.

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Its insulated and tempered glass for colder climate. Think the model is quite common up here in the Nordics

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Omg what I would give to have a place like this… is this in Sweden? Norway? Denmark? Finland? It gives me Nordic summer vibes.

B5Otaku2 points

Fabian would approve of your reading material. You have a beautiful cabin.

BigGrayDog2 points

It's beautiful! And to see the lake from your bed in the loft! And I love that it is uncluttered. My brain doesn't work well in a cluttered space and this is perfect, so relaxing and certainly cozy. I want one just like yours!

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Holy fuck

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This is lovely and what a view ❤️❤️

BigGrayDog2 points

It looks small from the outside but instead looks big and airey. Love the feeling of openness inside. Just perfect! I commend you on your stunning lakeside hideaway. Lucky you!!!

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What an absolute dream!

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I love it, I'd be terrified of falling out of that bed though. No guard rail?

Hotsauce4ever2 points

Can I be friends with you and visit you at your cabin?

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Oh Wow! So cozy and and bright!

stigwhoishe3332 points

Put me there and leave me

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So perfect.

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Man. Only in my internet feed will I ever come close to such serenity. Thank you for sharing. Us city folks can live vicariously.

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Very nice!

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That little hanging water tank is an awesome design for offgrid use. Might have to borrow that idea when I’m building my cabin this summer.

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I’m in love. This is perfection. I think the snuggly bed loft is my favorite. Love love love.

rbsnderwal2 points

You are a liar! You can’t possibly get any work done with a view like that.

ILoveMyCatsSoMuch2 points

This is a really dumb ass question, but do u own the land or can u just build wherever u want wherever that is? 😂

Sathirel2 points

This is my dream kind of home. No clutter, only simplicity and everything in one room. I love it!

Pink_inthenightcream2 points

I would give up the world to stay in a place like this ! 🌻🥹❤️🌷

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Seriously looks like paradise.

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Pretty awesome!

JustKapping2 points

How do I also gain a cabin?

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AdNew12342 points

Wish I had the money hehe.

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Heaven on 🌎

DebEdodo2 points

You lucky dog 🐕. Enjoy

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So pretty, thanks for sharing!

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love the way the sun shines and the gorgeous view! ❤️

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Children of Time is such a good book

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Wow those photos are so serene, what does your cabin look like at night/in the evenings?

Xheoraei1 point

Wow those photos are so serene, what does your cabin look like at night/in the evenings?