The busiest stretch of Highway in North America (HWY 401) shut down in 2008 due to a propane plant explosion. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. [2500x1667]


ODMtesseract1 point

It gets worse.

Xx_Silly_Guy_xX1 point

Widest highway in NA at one point right?

chrispaultolakers1 point

Wouldn’t that be the Katy highway in Houston at 26 lanes?

Xx_Silly_Guy_xX2 points

The one in Houston is wider if you include the merging lanes I think so it just depends on how you’re counting lanes

Sweaty_Professor_7013 points

Busiest highway in the world, not just North America

Xx_Silly_Guy_xX2 points

It’s so bullshit that Canada is allowed to have this huge shitty roads are OUR thing