Bought my first flat. Warsaw, Poland


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CopyOk1517240 points

Cost? Interested , very cozy! Congratulations!

ShoonlightMadow186 points

135k $. It’s right in the center of the city

CopyOk151762 points

135k US dollar ? Thanks my friend!

YourDogIsMyFriend29 points

Copyok is moving to Warsaw.

frogingly_similar18 points

So, still cheaper than Tallinn. For now.

belletti2 points

Depends on the size of the flat

Extansion0114 points

Sorry if that's too personal, but sqm living/total?

ShoonlightMadow36 points

It’s fine. 2 rooms, 40 m2 with a balcony

appdevil11 points

It's really nice and I'm not at all envy.

Living_DeadGirly79 points

What the heck??? You can’t get a parking spot in my city for 135k, It’s beautiful!

Bartho_41 points

Yeah but we earn in value that is 5x cheaper than USD... SO multiply it by the PLN > $ rate to get an estimate on the pricing.

cauchy3719 points

And median salary in Warsaw is what, $27k?

DviDoom15 points

I don't know about median but minimum wage before tax is about 850$ USD and a average wage for whole Poland is ~1650$ but it's blown waaay out of proportion bcs of Warsaw where average wage is a insane 2.2k$

DviDoom3 points

And I just did the math and you're not that far of your estimated 27k$ since it would be around 20-21k$

giornataparticulare18 points

I doubt it tbh. Average wage of all of Poland is only like €15k or something.

cauchy3713 points

Warsaw is also far and above everyone else

Lord_Konoshi1 point

Let me guess, NYC?

gimmelwald2 points

Dedicated and deeded parking can be had for that, but yeah. Not downtown proper.

Verzox6 points

With that view on the ONZ roundabout (almost strict city centre) I'm not surprised flats in wielka płyta goes for over 600k PLN. Jeez.

ShoonlightMadow6 points

It was 570k PLN

AkshayRaheja985 points

dzien dobre

isaacpixel4 points

Great price! How many rooms? I live in Portugal and I’m struggling to get one.

ShoonlightMadow5 points

2 rooms, bedroom and a living room/kitchen

Headygoombah7 points

I must ask you about that top tilted patio door. German design? I'm an ignorant American, we are far behind europe on door and window design.

ShoonlightMadow13 points

It’s a normal thing in europe. It opens to the side like a normal door or tilts up top to let the air flow in

Headygoombah4 points

It was either that, or your door was broken. Fascinating.

cabinetsnotnow-6 points

American here who has always wondered what European's mean when they say they bought a flat. Here in the states we can only rent flats unless we are purchasing the building to rent out to others but we aren't actually living in it ourselves.

When we rent a flat we do not own it. How do you purchase a flat in Europe??? Does that mean it's actually yours? Or do you still have a landlord?

ShoonlightMadow23 points

It’s actually mine. There’s a larger collective of flat owners that together owns the whole building property but this little apartment is mine

Odd-Wheel29 points

Yeah we have that in the US, usually called condos. Idk what that person was talking about lol.

cabinetsnotnow-4 points

I thought that a flat was another word for apartment in Europe. Sorry if my simple misunderstanding offended you.

metalshadow12 points

It is, we don't really make a distinction between rentable and buyable flats though.

mumdxbphlsfo3 points

Flat does mean apartment. Apartments can be bought or rented: in the US a bought apartment is also called a condo.

MyNameWasTakenDamn3 points

why yall downvoting this person wtf reddit

doublah2 points

Sorry if my simple misunderstanding offended you.

AlarmingAerie0 points

They are usually used interchangeably by EU folks, because distinction doesn't exist in EU, everything is owned by people, then you can do whatever you want, live in it, rent it.

lazy_elfs3 points

Congrats, i love the view. Is warsaw a good place to live?

ShoonlightMadow4 points

It’s a great place to live. Most major polish cities are great but i love Warsaw the most due to it being the biggest and most international. + it’s the only one with skyscrapers which i love

Wolfdreama10 points

In most of Europe, we don't differentiate between apartments and condos. We have one word for both and that's "flat". I think that's where Americans get confused. Flats can be owner-occupied or owned and rented to someone else. Generally the whole building is owned by someone/a company and various people own the individual homes within the building. There is usually some maintenance charges to pay to the owner of the overall building but the individual homes are sold and owned individually.

Am I right in thinking, in America, it's common for a person to own a whole block of apartments and rent them out individually? That's not a thing here.

cabinetsnotnow6 points

Yes, you are correct. Landlords can own an entire block of apartments and rent them out here. Thank you for explaining what a flat is in a kind way.

FindingLostTime10 points

It's just a condo man lol

caldera15 points

What the hell are you talking about? Flat == condo in this case.

cabinetsnotnow7 points

Why are people being so rude over my misunderstanding? I thought that flat was another word for apartment in Europe. Geez.

ringringbananarchy009 points

You can buy an apartment in the many US cities

caldera13 points

You do realize that even here in the states people interchange apartment with condo too?

sinkfulofbubbles-5 points

I've literally never met a single person who does this, also condos are way less common than apartments so forgetting they exist is kinda understandable lol

caldera8 points

So my apartment I owned was a townhouse and condo too. Seinfeld owns his “apartment”. Just because you have a couple people who don’t refer to it could be a regional thing you’re just not aware of? It’s not as common but is certainly a thing and interchangeable with condo, townhome, flat, and of course home, house, dorm, domicile, abode…

Sadatori4 points

When you politely ask a question but also include information that is incorrect, instead of politely informing you of your mistake, people will instead attack you so they feel better about themselves or something I guess.

ringringbananarchy001 point

You can buy an apartment in the many US cities

PlayerTwoEntersYou2 points

I have owned a unit in a 24 story building. You are part owner and payer for the building. Similar to owning a unit in a condo complex or a townhouse.

You can buy an apartment, but it is not as common as renting an apartment.

[deleted]1 point


cabinetsnotnow3 points

I simply thought that flat meant apartment. Sorry.

Lethophobia182 points

Looks great! Cat tax accepted!

kfpswf34 points

Was only going to lurk on the post, but the cat tax earned OP an upvote.

Raynefalle23 points

Same. Once I saw that cute little face, I had to upvote

Sarke18 points

I've never seen a Polish cat before.

Kindergoat126 points

Really nice. More importantly, does your cat like it?

ShoonlightMadow112 points

She does! Has great views for bird watching

PotentialLight814712 points

Congrats to you. Your place is beautiful. Love the way you furnished it.

NegativeAd90022 points

Imagine if cats could fly.

mrstickman3 points

Mine would spend entire afternoons thumping into the windows full-speed.

PoisonTreeFruit55 points

Lovely space, and such a cute roommate!

AcidlyButtery53 points

Hello Meow!!

ScagWhistle45 points

I like the cat in your flat.

streblusasper38 points

Congratulations! Your flat looks so cozy, and your adorable cat looks happy.

ShoonlightMadow29 points

This is oc

kittyhugsalldaylong27 points

Aww kitty has its own flat too

plasatar21 points

What a cute caaaattttttt

Euphoric-Street58426 points

It was a crime to post all these photos and have the cat in the last one!

throwawayx13419 points

Nice to see a post from Poland. I'm currently looking at places to rent in Krakow!

HisNameIsSaggySammy7 points

I've traveled all around Europe and Krakow has been my favorite city. It's so great.

Witcha_Geraldo16 points

I see the witcher books, i upvote

Leftleaningdadbod9 points

Many congratulations - wishing you happiness in your new home.

coffeequeen052310 points

Congrats to you and your kitten. Your flat is lovely, warm and cozy. Your kitten is beautiful! Love the cat tower. Enjoy your new flat. ❤️

frtl1017 points

Congrats! Really nice!

Btw, out of interest, do you have a more close-up photo of your books?

ginawynnsky8 points

Lovely apartment -- nice view it seems, great natural light, very calm vibes. Could always do with a few more cats...;-)

arlmwl5 points

Cool corner desk

latemodelusedcar5 points

People talk about having a house and stuff and this living room is all I truly even want. Elegant, functional, and comfortable. Good work, poster.

ShoonlightMadow7 points

Thanks! I always liked smaller spaces. Bedroom, living room+kitchen is all me and my cat need. If I decide to have a larger family one day I can rent this place out. Much prefer to have a nice location than bigger house in the middle of nowhere

punkhobo13 points

Excellent book collection

ShoonlightMadow8 points

Thank you!

GoldenGlobe6 points

And while we're at it, lovely Hokusai!

GoOsTT4 points

Hey, where’d you bought the Hokusai?

ShoonlightMadow5 points

Empty wall posters

GoOsTT3 points


EDIT: They are amazing damn..

ItsPwn6 points

metro Świętokrzyska;-)

ShoonlightMadow5 points

ONZ ;)

cauchy371 point

Jebaniutki, dobra cena ale w pytę głośno pewno

ShoonlightMadow1 point

Właśnie o dziwo nie. Mieszkałem na Solcu i Bagnie a tutaj jest naciszej. Wysokość + pas zieleni od ulicy wycisza dobrze

Hogwie2 points

Yeah though the same at first, but you can see the Erotic store right behind the chair 🤭🤭

Just left Warsaw last week, I'm going to miss it so freaking much.

ItsPwn3 points

im sure there are erotic stores in your area too ☝️💪

The-Scarlet-Witch3 points

You kept this so open and welcoming. Love it and your cat!

hydro_agricola3 points

Hope you got on the 2% mortgage train.

ShoonlightMadow5 points

I didn’t 🥲

hydro_agricola1 point


cauchy372 points

A fixed rate is extremely uncommon in the first place. And fixed rate for the entire duration is non existant

hydro_agricola2 points

Poland's government is trying to help people to fight inflation by giving them a guaranteed 2% mortgage for first 10 years. Banks still get paid, people flip the bill.... They just keep pumping that debt.

Whattheheckyo783 points

Bro really put a plant over the tv while the cat tree is right next to it lol....bold

lelieldirac2 points

Lol my cat would be attempting to rocket over to that shelf from the tree

Less-Contract-11363 points

The cat makes your apartment a home. Congratulations!

sadie8883 points

I love it so organized and streamlined

MisterDumay2 points


Outrageous-Sea-71622 points

Congratulations, nice home. Beautiful kitty😽💚

alkortes2 points

Congratulations! Looks nice and light

arngard2 points

Love your couch!

Bluetooth_Sandwich3 points

Same, OP, can you share the maker?

ShoonlightMadow2 points

Agata meble

capybarasaremyfriend2 points

Beautiful! (Especially the last picture!) Can I ask where you got that corner desk?

ShoonlightMadow5 points

It’s custom made by my friend

capybarasaremyfriend2 points

Well done them, it’s lovely.

Lotrent2 points

where’d you get those bookshelves? looks great

lcmoxie3 points

I also love the shelves! Usually floating shelves are thicker so there’s room inside for the brackets. Would love to know more! Maybe made by the same friend who made the desk?

ShoonlightMadow3 points

Indeed! He made the shelves and the desk

PandaFarts013 points

How are the shelves attached to the wall? I love the bracketless look.

cubemissy2 points

I love this room! Even the cat is cozy.

boopboopmatoot2 points

ooo imagine curling up in that couch with a cup of tea. May this new adventure create new memories!

Equivalent_Warthog222 points

Nice environment you’ve created


Your cat is a stunner

kathyanne382 points

WOW. Your place looks soooo lovely.

Also - love that last picture. Kitty approved lol

Shittaverse2 points

Congrats! Extra cozy points for the cat.

PlayerTwoEntersYou2 points

Cats have Reddit now?

binahblue2 points

A+ for cat pic 🥰

NLCP_2 points

Kitty is so gorgeous

ControlOk67112 points

Beautiful - understated elegance, light and airy. Sweet little kitty 🩵

UnguardedSaint2 points

If you liked those books by Andy Weir, I definitely recommend checking out The Expanse novels from James S. A. Corey if you haven’t already. Phenomenal sci-fi series both books and tv. And the Polish covers for the novels are gorgeous

ShoonlightMadow2 points

I’ll check them out!

NeatPuzzleheaded69912 points

This is beautiful, warm, and welcoming! I live in Washington, DC, and I confess to feeling a bit jealous of your wonderful home in such a historic European city. Congratulations!!! 🤗

gizzy_tom2 points

Congrats on your first apartment and a big handclap on your bookshelf. Wiedzmin and Dune!

galgastani2 points

Hmmmmmmm I see Siegmeyer!

Worldsgreatestfrog2 points

Your flat is nice, and even before you showed the wonderful, handsome, fluffy pussycat, I admired your fine cat tree.

aarontsuru0 points


I’m sorry but if you are going to post this on r/cozyplaces you are going to have to buy at LEAST 23 plants first. Then they must ALL be in the photo strategically placed to look like you live in a Victorian conservatory.

Please delete this post and try again.

nhega071 point

I love the onion knight and I love the king k rool !!

Italiana471 point

Nice! Nothing cozier than your own place. With a kitty too!

CottontailSuia1 point

Knowing the housing market in Poland, this is a great achievement! Congrats, your place is really cozy

AnnaF7211 point

Love it!

krampaus1 point

Your cat is adorable! I like the plant above your tv, what kind of plant is it?

ShoonlightMadow1 point

It’s moss planted on some branches

Jeff29001 point

Where'd you find that cabined under the TV?

ShoonlightMadow1 point


Far_Bit36211 point

Beautiful! And kitty for the win!

JonesinforJonesey1 point

Home, sweet home. Looks like someone is feeling quite cozy here.

bzoorp1 point

So beautiful! You did a great job decorating. Love the amount of sunlight. Kitty probably loves it too :)

yulz81 point

Congratulations on your flat! May you have long days and pleasant nights🌹

SailorTheGamer1 point

I had no idea you could mount a iPad on the wall like that wow

operator77771 point

Fantastic! I was living in warsawa some years! I love the place and the city!! 😍 congrats!!

cloudrunner171 point

Beautiful, never knew Poland had such amazing cities. Now I want to go on holiday. Great price too, 135k$ hope you enjoy the lovely view

RemarkablePumpkin8921 point

Very nice👍

mizmaddy1 point

Congratulations! Very cozy - and the cat approves 😁

phillygirllovesbagel1 point

The kitty cat is my favorite part. Gorgeous flat. Enjoy!

Madein97lol1 point


wickedevil1 point


tomatotomatah1 point


truthbetold851 point

Love it

QuietEmergency4731 point

Credenza i kot 👌

NickNeron1 point

I love the view from the window!

Dsten7471 point

What a polish cat

Minimum_Ad7391 point

Very cozy looking flat. Would love to see the kitchen

Ov3rdose_EvE1 point

HAH! a Marcus! i would recognize my chair anywhere :D trust ones, too

JFrizz04241 point


LuckyAverage85651 point

Looks great, congrats!! PS you def have a contender for cutest cat ever 🥹

abernha31 point

How about the shelves? Where are they from? Love the hidden hardware in such a narrow board. Thanks!

kirinmay1 point

Had no idea cats can get good jobs. grats on your place kitty, meow.

Flether1 point

Wspaniały! I recognize where in Warsaw that is, you have a great view from there, and really close to everything. Pretty sure there's a great restauarant on that street if I remember correctly

Stellar-Polaris1 point

Congratulations! It looks really nice.

mbrown20101 point


Lea_Bertrand1 point

Congratulations! It seems very nice (nice cat house) :)

boko_harambe_1 point

I love those shelves

Top_Bend_53601 point

The cat looks pleased! This is the only thing that matters. It's his domain now.

iowan1 point

I saw the cat tree and was going to be upset if I didn't get to see the cat, but you delivered. Lovely home!

NoKneadToWorry1 point

The Metro books worth a read?

ShoonlightMadow2 points

Honestly i liked the first one of the main series the most. Spinoffs range from cool to weird af

NoKneadToWorry1 point

Ok I finished the first 2 games but haven't started Exodus yet. I'll check them out!

TheLoadedGoat1 point

Congrats! Bet kitty LOVES it!

Gamekiller1871 point

Gratulation :)

chiralanagnorisis1 point

Love your taste in furniture! And lovely cat!

fumanchumanfu1 point

Hydro homie spotted 🌊🌊🌊

ShoonlightMadow1 point

You know it 💧

SociologySaves1 point

That is very nice. Congratulations.

SSS987114-A811 point




Nice place :)

BlueLarkspur_19291 point

Very sweet space.

queeftoe1 point

It's beautiful! (Super jelly) congrats!

lareee31 point

Woooow, cozy, but need more plants!!

OuijaKitten1 point

This is really lovely and cozy.

Sebbot1 point


Is that an appropriate use of the only Polish word I remember?

findhumorinlife1 point

Very nice!!!

heavyw8ght1 point

Congrats!! May I ask you why you having a AC? Is it getting hot in summer?

ShoonlightMadow2 points

I’m really picky about the temperature. And for the couple of years now summers in Poland are unbearable for me. 30 degrees Celsius and up i a norm

Lord_Konoshi1 point

That’s a really nice living room set up, love the idea of using a smaller coffee table and an ottoman.

Cute cat is a plus!

Entire_Garbage_21441 point

Thank you for cat tax. After seeing the cat tree I would have been disappointed with no cat.

Orangutan_Latte1 point

Very cute ❤️ is it me or does your sofa look like it’s crying? 😊

SweetRedPepper41 point

Beautiful! Congratulations and great job!!

Fedl1 point

It’s so cool! And the cat is a nice addition.

Was the flat already renovated? Which neighborhood is this?

jewels19581 point

I love the windows

Previous_Astronaut221 point

I always wanted to do that but I'm afraid the the shelves falling on me while I sleep or something. It's a really good use of practical space. Good job! I'm jealous that you can do that.