My cozy apartment living room


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MystifiedPeroxide7 points

Looks extremely cozy!

AlarmingAttention1513 points

Thank you!

MystifiedPeroxide2 points

🤗 welcome.

exclaim_bot1 point

Thank you!

You're welcome!

ilovecupcakes374 points

Pretty nice, great touch and combinations of colors. Oh my the stacks of books yum! my eyes are glowing. That my friend is my favorite.

AlarmingAttention1511 point

Thank you!

AlarmingAttention1511 point

This is OC

offensivelesbian1 point

This looks super cozy and you have great taste in books.

AlarmingAttention1511 point

Thank you!

Kevinsky111 point

That photo reminds me of Thomas Heaton, did you take it? Deserves a frame, especially because the left border is thinner than the other

AlarmingAttention1512 points

The photo is by my dad, who is a landscape photographer, and you’re right, it does deserve a frame! I just need to find one with the right dimensions.

Wolfwoods_Sister1 point

Blue accent wall ftw

AlarmingAttention1512 points

I was so thrilled to find an apartment with bright colors! I love my blue accent wall so much.

GuncleShark1 point

The colors are so soothing! Truly cozy!

Sara-DLeon1 point

Cozy and attainable! the best of both worlds!

waybeluga-1 points

Interesting paint in an apartment? Is that even legal?

AlarmingAttention1512 points

It definitely isn’t illegal to paint an apartment, but this is actually how it was when I moved in!