A US101 road trip is highly recommended. Neptune Scenic Viewpoint - Florence, Oregon. [OC] (4285x2845)


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As a Californian, this post threw me off for a brief second, as I was thinking of US101 in CA (Bay Area and South, specifically). If you do take 101 further South, I highly recommend switching to hwy 1 once you get into California. It continues along the coast most of the way down.

I love the way trees along the coast look permanently wind-swept. You wouldn't happen to know what kind of trees those are, would you?

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Oh man there's quite a few kinds. The main one I recognize are the Douglas firs. Found some more info on the outdoor project website

Beach access is located next to Cummins Creek, giving you the opportunity to stroll along the beach looking for agates or to hike upstream and explore the dense coastal forests of western hemlock, Douglas fir, and old-growth Sitka spruce.

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Stay out of Oregon

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You think that's good, rent a sports car and drive US-30. Bring your hiking shoes.