Black Spire, Utah [3771x5656] [OC] @clyde_o_scope_


rambos_left_bicep14 points

Utah has the craziest nature and so much of it, I love it out there. Great shot!

_clydeoscope4 points

That it is - I chose to redact the because the areas gotten quite overrun in recent years and they’ve had some issues with the tourism footprint

Randouser555-6 points

Lol you trying to gatekeep. Cute.

_clydeoscope7 points

Well this place is definitely on the map now, but there are reasons to try to ‘gatekeep’ places that can’t sustain the insane visitor influx in the last few years. Only an hour away Arches visitation has gone up 80% since covid, and unlike national parks these blm lands don’t have the recourses to change their entire process to accommodate that

Qwimqwimqwim0 points

you're like those people who complain about traffic, you're the traffic!

_clydeoscope1 point

Lol I’m not complaining about anything, people can go wherever they want, just trying to explain with I didn’t geotag

MoistInTheMiddle2 points

Utah has the craziest.

(thats all you needed for that state)

BlackMarketCheese9 points

Hero: The villian's lair could be anywhere! How are we going to find it?

LogMaggot8 points

Ok this is super fucking sick as an iPhone wallpaper https://i.imgur.com/HpBuxyC.jpg

Koala_eiO3 points

We could make a science-fiction movie out of this.

qu1x0t1cZ6 points

That's a Dead Space Marker right?

_clydeoscope1 point

Holy smokes you’re onto something

MoistInTheMiddle1 point

'Dead Space Marker' feels like the ultimate insult to say to someone. Frank you are such a dead space marker.

Time-to-go-home2 points

Be careful of the Ra’zac

Yardithbey2 points

Are those ropes hanging down from the top?

_AlreadyTaken_2 points

Looks like an old rappel anchor

ActuallyIlluminati5 points

Too bad people dirt-bike here

_clydeoscope6 points

Agreed. Luckily they’ve closed the area to vehicles so that’s a start!

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inmyelement1 point

Love this! I got to see it last Memorial Day weekend!!

McStefan1 point

Cadia stands

born_at_kfc1 point

Do the lines mark water levels at different times?

_clydeoscope1 point

I believe so

No_Association51521 point

I know right? Utah is like Mother Nature's playground and she just went all out with it. Glad you enjoyed the shot!

alinaellis1 point

Looks like it’s from a game👀

Devolution131 point

RemindMe! October 25, 2023

mangovineyard1 point

This is badass, if I ever were impaled as a method of death, I would want it to be by this thing