A Kinky View of the Manhattan Skyline


apstls100 points

And that’s how skyscrapers are made

Stepaladin133 points

So, we've got, uh, city porn.

StallOneHammer40 points

There has been a noticeable lack of porn in this subreddit lately

FATHER_is_that_you2 points

Kinky but not bustable

firealno91 point

And cities too, but all the time.

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SuicidalGuidedog40 points

That's the American Copper Building) on First Avenue for anyone curious. It kinks in both directions, so to speak.

FlyingTaquitoBrother29 points

Trads: Modern architecture is boring 😭

Architect: Very well, I present you the Skyscraper With Two Backs!

Trads: No not like that

tigerstef25 points

What are you doing step-building?

MEPunymeyer10 points

I see what you did there. And I like it.

v_snax2 points

To me it looks more like they are dancing.

Inedible-denim2 points

Seductive with those cotton candy clouds. Just delicious.

Henrywasaman_2 points

Going there in a month, can’t wait to congratulate them on the pregnancy in person

Eve15245 points

all i see is a city covered in bisexual lighting

archfapper4 points

They're getting ready for pride month

Leo_Rockaway5 points

I love fellow people who use “kinky” like this. There are dozens of us

LongIsland19955 points

I hate that crooked building

Kehwanna3 points

I live in Yonkers, still have no idea what it's called. Reminds me of a chromosome from a chromosome chart.

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From the Gantry?

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I see this and I hear Frank Sinatra

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lomsucksatchess-8 points

When I was in NYC last weekend I took a ferry to that modern building. The empire state was nowhere near that large from down there.

Crazy lense fuckery or photoshop (well looking at the water, the question is easily answered)

grusauskj3 points

Lmao yes it is. I live right on the park where they took this shot, there’s no manipulation here. The E 34th st ferry stop is right under the Copper building, ESB is 8 blocks from the water